17 years old, recent tumor removal

in september 2012 i had a fibroadenoma removed from the side of my right breast. it was about the size of a large gumball like from the 25cent machines. the stitches were the kind that just sort of disolved. the incision was made right around my areola.
lately, i’ve been getting very sharp pains i think right under my nipple of the breast i had surgery on. ive read that it could just be the nerves “coming back to life” but i wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this and talked about it with your docor.
are these pains normal? im still going to bring it up with my doctor but should i be worried??

Hiya, I had a breast cancer tumour removed from my breast in early 2010, and I still get pain there, and the breast is sensitive to the touch. I think it may very well be just the healing process, but definitely mention it to your doctor if only to put your mind at rest xxx

I had a 1cm cancer removed in 1999 and one thing that I remember well from that time were the sharp pains that I had afterwards for a number of weeks. I had been told that they were nerve pains so wasn’t concerned about them but the lady who was in the bed opposite me in hospital didn’t know this and was in a real panic on the phone to me one day because she’d got them.
Hope this helps