18 months on

Hi there

I’m 18 months past dx and 6 months past rads. Had the full works with chemo etc. Worked part-time thro’ chemo and rads and have now taken early retirement. Great! The fun starts here. Holidays planned etc etc. But some days just feel soooooo tired. Is this normal? I feel great apart from this continuing fatigue.


Hi Mal

I was told by my oncologist that it can take up to two years to have energy levels back to something approaching normal due to the combined effects of the treatments.



i think the after effects of the rads can take a year or so to wear off… and combined with chemo maybe longer… but also sometimes if you do less you actually feel more tired. sometimes that little walk or some bustling about actually wakes you up and gives you more energy.

i would say though that if you are worried to speak to gp or call your bcn for advice.

hope you feel more perky soon so you can enjoy your retirement to the full


I think lots of us feel tired when all treatments have stopped and we go back to our new normal life.
I got secondaries 5 years after primary but I do rememeber the first 18months feeling tired more easily.
Enjoy retirement and try not to worry.
Love Debsxxx

Hi Mal
I’m almost 15 months post dx, finished rads at the beginning of Feb and also had the “works”. Recently finished Herceptin last month.

I too still have days when I feel exhausted, more physically than mentally, so to reassure you, I think it can be normal to feel like this.

Good luck with it and take care

P xx

Hi Mal
I’m almost 15 months post dx, finished rads at the beginning of Feb and also had the “works”. Recently finished Herceptin last month.

I too still have days when I feel exhausted, more physically than mentally, so to reassure you, I think it can be normal to feel like this.

Good luck with it and take care

P xx

I’m getting so-o-o-o tired of feeling tired. I’ve finished chemo, just started on rads and Arimadex, and it’s so difficult to work out what is causing which side-effect. I’m tired, achy and beginning to feel depressed (I NEVER get depressed - I’m one of those annoyingly happy people.) Maybe I’m depressed because I’m tired and achy, maybe I’m achy because I’m tired, maybe I’m tired because of the rads not the Arimadex…

I just want it to all go away, and to feel myself again. I want my hair back - come on, that joke is so-o-o-o-o over, I’m sick of the sight of my shiny bald bonce, now lightly scattered with pale grey bum-fluff. I want my fingernails back - at the moment they’re hanging on by their fingernails, as it were. I know I just need to be patient, but it just seems to drag on and on…

Sorry for being on such a downer today - I seemed to be doing OK up to the past few days, but suddenly it all seems to be going on for too long.

Hi Susanna

Sorry you are feeling so low at the moment, its hardly surprising after all you have been through. Im not going to tell you to keep positive because if you are anything like me the word positive can sometimes make me feel even more down ( not all the time though!) I have read many of your posts and they more often than not make me smile/laugh. Hope you soon return to one of those annoyingly happy people.
Love and best wishes to you.
Karen xx

I’m feeling better now - just needed a bit of a moan. It all just seems to drag on so long, and when I was feeling tired and achy I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get back to normal. But I had a nap, and then went out and had a bit of an indulgence in my favourite coffee-shop (sometimes you can overdo the healthy eating malarky) and then I felt well enough to mow the lawn. Odd how an activity which you don’t particularly enjoy can make you feel like you’re back to your normal self!

Thanks for all the replies and it’s reassuring to know that I’m ‘normal’. It’s just so annoying not being able to do everything I would like to do, when I would like to do it.

I do feel really well but what with the weight gain from Femara and the tight curls I feel like a Susan Boyle clone!

Still, I’m here and feeling well so should be grateful (and I am).

Hugs to all who are feeling down or are still undergoing treatment.

Mal x

Hi Mal, Just got back from shopping with my 26year old daughter. Did some “nice shopping” then we went to Tesco. I didn’t need much but she doesn’t have a car so we went together. Bought lovely food to eat, quite a selection…Will it be rainbow trout, fresh prawns with soda bread and green salad or a home-made quiche?..is it heck…I am so knackered…hubby has just made me a nice cuppa but I am too knackered to eat far less cook anything. I know the feeling well…it happens quite a lot but it was a smashing afternoon…hey ho …I did buy wine, and beer for Hubby…and there is brie and grapes…that will do nicely and I won’t need to shop until next week. Tiredness is a pain at times…don’t be afraid to moan about it LOL from Scottishlass XXX

I’m 18 months on and still so tired, the tiredness is now making me feel very low so understand where you are all coming from!Would love a magic pill for energy if anyone knows of one??? x

Im with you Katie just waiting for these horrid side effects to go,I really cant stand the thought of feeling like this for another 4 years !!!
Lets all stick together and support each other maybe that will help Love to all xxx

Hi to all you lovely ladies.

Just thought I would share where I am at…

I am exactly 3 years post DX, had surgery, recon, chemo, no rads, no hormone treatment(my choice). I have just, over the past 3 months, started exercising again, and now do as much as I used to. So as you can see it can take a long time to get back to something like.

I sometimes used to despair of ever feeling good again, but although I don’t feel quite the same, I have found a new level of normality, and I do feel good, and even started sleeping better, despite the ongoing battle with the hot flushes, but even they have calmed down.

So there is light at the end of the tunnel, even though it can seem a long journey at times!

I don’t come on here often now, but like to check in now and again and if I can help or encourage anyone, that’s a bonus.

Hang in there

Love Deborahxxx

Dear Deborahw Thanks for sharing that, I’m 4 months on from rads and expect to feel well again. Some days I feel full of energy and then another feel tired and lethargic. realise it takes time and I think it’s about giving yourself permission to take it easy when needed
best wishes Leadie

I too am 18 months on from WLE and rads. My treatment was miniscule compared to many on here, but I still feel tired. I wake up feeling full of beans, then do something like walk the dogs and have a burning desire to go back to bed. I have to really push myself to do anything. Whether its my age or as a direct result of treatment or a bit of both, I don’t know, but it is so inconvenient more than anything else.

I’m 3 years down the line from diagnosis, but I still get the odd day where I feel whacked. I don’t think the fact I’m now post menopausal helps tbh.

Thanks DeborahW

That makes me feel a whole lot better! All these aches and pains that I never paid credence to before!!!

Roll on the years.

Mal x

Hi Mal

I think it all takes time. When you think what our bodies have been through, is it any wonder we get more tired and have more aches and pains than we did previously?

I find I have stacks of energy many days and then all of a sudden my legs stop for a few days … just like that! I suddenly struggle going upstairs and feel very tired. Then I get back to lots of energy and walking miles again. It’s totally weird!

I work full time again but now need a good 8 hours sleep each night (could always do with more) in order to cope. Without that I would be a wreck. I used to survive on 6-7 hours and always felt okay. I no longer go out much during the evenings weekdays, and when I do, I’m the pathetic one saying farewell to friends at about 9.30! Bed is calling! This is the result of diagnosis, surgery and chemo … chemo in particular for me I think.

I assume things will get easier in time but also recognise that I’m ageing and there’s a natural process going on there too. It’s very hard to distinguish between what would have been a natural ageing process and what is cancer/chemo/hormone related stuff.

Take care

Gill x