1st annual mammogram after BC

On Monday the 3rd August I had my first annual mammogram after being diagnosed last year with BC, 

i was worried and a little bit anxious about it, but trying to be positive I thought there’s not much chance of anything being wrong (it’s only been a year right) 

but ive just received a letter asking me to come back for more tests tomorrow as abnormalities have been detected??‍ :female_sign:

Im still trying to remain positive as I know this could mean a number of things but I’m getting a bit worked up now,

Hi Gaileigh

This must be a very anxious time for you. If you would like some support during this time or clinical information about what to expect at your next appointment, you can speak to one of our breast cancer nurse specialists on 0808 800 6000.

Sending you our warmest wishes,


please can you update on how you get on ? I’m waiting for my 1st mammogram after BC last year also … hope all is ok 

I hope you are ok and that everything was fine. I can imagine your anxiety just going for your 1st mammogram after a year but to then to be recalled again for further tests must just have been awful for you. I have my 1st yearly mammogram coming up on the 1st September and to say I’m a little anxious would be an understatement. I had triple negative breast cancer so know there is a higher chance of it recurring  in the first 3 years which is playing on my mind. 

After reading your post I just wondered how your appointment went and if anything was found. I’ve just had my first mammogram after diagnosis last year and am now anxiously waiting for the results