1st chemo

Hi all, I’ve had my first Fec today, I wore the cold cap and after an hour & a half it was so sore.  I did see it through though.  I slept most of the day after & felt like I’d been hit by a bus!  Nauseous & shattered.  Is this what most people find after 1 session? I’ve got another 5 to go & I’ve only just turned 40 ??‍♀️?‍♀️

Hi I would suggest you join the May 19 thread where you will meet other ladies just about to start their chemo journey. It will be such a comfort to know that others are going through what you are and will be able to support you.

It seems like a long journey at the time but chemo is a relatively short amount of your life. Make plans for when you finish for a holiday or something that you can look forward to. Always have a goal! Good Luck!

Hi Natl.aw

I’m from the Feb group and just recently had my 4th and final FEC (I’m on a trial). Were you given any anti sickness meds? Some hospitals give out just about everything others not. Emend is the gold star medication. Make sure you tell your bc nurse or oncologist about your symptons and they should be able to sort you out for the next round. As for the cold cap I took a couple of paracetamol an hour before and it helped reduce the discomfort of the cold cap. If you need more help/advice/support I would recommend you join in with the April Starters group. I’ve popped into their group a couple of times and they’re a great bunch. Hope this helps. Take care Susie B  xxx