1st Ct results after 3 taxotere


Good results from CT Scan waiting I have secondaries in my chest. liver, lunds and node next to collar bone.

On said that the liver and chest have reduced dramaically, which proves the treatment is working and the lungs and nodes have not grown. Firstly she said she would book me in for 6 taxotere but because I am working and handling quite well - I have the sore nails and fell crap 3 days after chemo for a couple of days but other than that coping well she said provided she is still seeing shrinkage she will continue to give me more.

My husband Eddie and I were nervous wrecks waiting in that waiting area for over an hour on the results it really is very difficult to stay completely positive when you’ve been knocked down along the way!

Anyway I’m happy with the results, is there anyone else that has have one are do better than an other at the beginning and then the other area has started to shrink aswell?

ll comments welcome. Oh by the way I’m triple negative

Hi Diane and Eddie

Just to say congratulations with scan results.

Love Debsxxx

I am really pleased for you Diane - it must be a huge boost to know the taxotere is doing it’s job.

Keep going.


This is great news. You and I sound like we are pretty much in the same boat. I am also triple neg and have secondaries in bones and liver. My CT after three taxotere also showed a good response in the tumours generally. I can’t be very specific because the scan wasn’t fully reported when I saw the oncologist, but he was encouraged by what he had seen thus far). In addition tumor marker tests and LFTs had also improved. He has also said that he will continue with taxotere and do the 6 originally planned plus two more if I can stand it at the end of the six.
Here’s hoping we both continue to show improvements.


Hi Diane

I have mets in lung, liver , bones, nodes in lung and eyes!!! Started Taxotare in january and initial scan showed liver, lung nodes gone…bones stable and lung worse in places but basically stable. continued until 5 and the lung now shows ‘fibrotic growths’ on the other lung…onc stopped at number 5. i am now due to start Gem/carbo next week as he says may be more effective on lung. I was disappointed by this as it is months of further treatment with no break - however the taxotare certainly did some good so clearly worth it.

I too am triple neg and it is a scary place to be!!!

Good luck and I hope the taxotare continues working for you guys.

Jan xx

Hi Diane

Really pleased for you - it is such a relief isn’t it when the scan results come back ok?

Kay xx

Thanks for that, the onc says I should be pleased as although the lungs haven’t shrunk tey haven’t grown either and because they are so dense it could be that they are more difficult for the chemo tho get to. Everytime I get chemo they may get closer to the liasons, they also can’t tell that the cells are not dormant as the CT scans are quite hard to read. Overall I am happy and pleased with the outcome - it’s just taking it one step at a time and trying to get on with our lives at the same time.