1st FEC 9TH May

Starting 1st session of FEC on friday Is there anyone else out there who is starting next week?
I have been reading other threads and taken on board all the hits for hair loss, sickness etc…
Went to the local health fayre today and booked appointment to sort out a nutritional diet to aid my well-being…not sure about it but its worth a try.
I now just want to get on with it.

I am due to start on 16 May but on the TACT 2 trial, now it will probably have to be delayed. My BC buddy has had her first FEC and got some symptoms really quick after it but is bouncing back now. Go and buy yourself lots of ginger biscuits and cake. If you are on the 6 dose regime, then you will have completed 16% of your treatment by the end of Friday. Good luck and hope it goes really well for you
Lily 200

Hi Maggie, all the best for your first FEC on Friday.

When I was first diagnosed I really went to town with my healthy eating - I have always had a mostly healthy diet just the occasional craving for a hamburger and fries LOL (and of course my love of vino) but when I had my first chemo my tastes immediately changed, partly because you can get a funny taste in your mouth (a bit like if you had a night on the lash then ate a kebab and went to sleep without brushing teeth) and partly because the mere thought of certain things made me want to heave, so I now just eat whatever I fancy irrespective of whether or not it is “good for me” and resolve to make up for any unhealthy eating once the treatment is over and my body is *hopefully* back to how it was. Funnily enough a lot of people have compared it to pregnancy and I watched Gwyneth Paltrow being interviewed by Jonafan Woss on Friday and she said that when she was carrying her first child, all her intentions to stick to her macrobiotic diet went out the window and the thought of brown rice and miso soup made her gag and she was like, give me ice cream and cheese on toast!

a good tip from me in case you haven’t seen it mentioned on other threads (there are so many and they don’t half move fast) … on the days you go in for your chemo, never eat anything that is your favourite because you will probably go right off it - for a few days after each chemo you may feel a bit off colour and they do give you anti sickness tablets which do help, and you might be thinking “I am hungry but don’t know what I fancy” and this feeling will pass and then you might be able to go back to having what you normally enjoy, but don’t risk going off your fave things by having them on the day of your chemo cos if it makes you feel sick you may develop an association. It is strange but other people said the same thing!

let us know how you get on.

Hi Maggie

Sounds like we may be chemo buddies! I start on Thurs 8th - as long as blood tests etc don’t show up any problems. I found the thread ‘Tips for chemo’ which has recently been bumped up the pages really useful and have gone out and bought various bits and pieces which seemed to have helped other ladies. It’s well worth a read.

From my point of view it’s like stepping into the unknown as you don’t know what your personal reaction will be to the treatment. I’m prepared for the ups and downs that seem to go with this whole business but also looking forward to the better days during treatment and getting it over and done with.

I’m having 6 x FEC and, again, any threads to do with this type of chemo have been helpful so it’s worth you checking up on whatever regime you’ll be on.

I had a visit to the suite where I’ll be going and had a chat with one of the nurses so it’s helped me to see what will be happening. I’m trying the cold cap and am aware it may not work for me so have a wig lined up in case that’s needed. All of this has helped me be prepared and I hope you’ve been able to do the same.

Have a good remainder of the weekend and good luck for Friday.

Nicky x


Sorry, must already have chemo brain, it didn’t register that you’d said you were starting FEC, so half my comments are rubbish!

Nicky x

Hi Maggie

Just to wish you well for Friday,

I started 6 x FEC last Mon, all goin ok at the moment but you will get lots of help and support from the ladies on here, and the tips have proven great.

It does help to read others experiences even if you don’t get all the side affects, as the boy scdouts be prepared, stock up on the chemo tips, and you will get through your first, then its only 4 more then the last one.

Let us know how your doing
Good luck

Thanks guys for your support, it good to know that your out there.
Nicky08 will think of you on thursday, hope all goes well. I am also having 6x FEC so maybe we will finish together. I would be interested in hearing how the cold cap goes as I have not been offerred it yet. It seems that different health boards offer different ways of doing things. I have decided that I am not going to do the wig thing and if my hair falls out I will get my grand daughter to face paint it!! only joking…actually maybe that’s not a bad idea.
Lily200 what is TACT 2 trail? I have lots of organic fresh ginger in fridge did not think about ginger cake, maybe I bake some on the other hand I will just buy some in.
Clarabel134 good to hear your take on healthy eating and I think my healthy eating plan will not last long but I made a start and last night I finished my wine and chocs to get them out of the way.Yum Yum.
Nikki thatnks for your support.

Maggie, re the wine and chocs last night… the Dali Lama says in order to achieve inner peace you must finish what you started so I hope you are having lots of good karma today :0)

A note on ginger - the stuff you get at chinese supermarkets in jars of syrup is fab for headaches and nausea AND can be used in baking. It is a health food so OK to put it in a cake it makes it a healthy cake :wink:

Thanks clarabel I must of missed that writing in my buddist book…and yes today as been a good day. What stage are you at with your treament?
Its strange although I would rather do without having BC I have gone into a calm phase and sleeping better than I did before dignose. Colours and blossom on the trees look sharper. I have a sense of peace but I am sure that will not last long so making the most of it. Now for a glass of vino before bed. I am sharing my bed tonight with my 5 year old grand daughter so might not get much sleep tonight.

Hi Elginquine and everyone else tonight
TACT 2 is a research trial which I was asked to consider going on. It was pretty tough to decide on my own treatment and spent hours surfing the net for good and bad news. We get put into 4 groups, each of ehich has a different regime, a computer pick which you get. Two are tablets at home for the final half of the course. Hope to find out what it has in store for me on Tuesday. A bit worried as my veins weren’t made for iv so a bit sad today as I have to go for another operation to have a port put in my chest. Cheering myself up stuffing ginger cake before I even start!
Enjoy the long weekend

I should be starting a week later so I may join you here. It’s 6 X FEC for me. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. Having nightmares actually but hopefully will feel better when the first one’s out the way.

Hope you’re all having a good weekend in the meantime. Let us know how it goes.


Hi Angie

You’re welcome to join in. I’ll try and post to give an idea of things but as we’re all different it may not mean alot. I’m not having nightmares about the treatment but I am anxious as we all don’t know what to expect until the 1st one. There’s such a difference with how everyone feels, I’m just hoping the nausea/sickness thing isn’t too bad.

When I went for my ‘chemo’ chat I was given a long list of things not to eat and hygiene rules as well - it’s very similar to when I was pregnant so at least there’s the plus side of it not being for 9 months! The real b*gger is that the water locally needs to be boiled before drinking as there have been traces of bacteria in it. This will also feel like going back to making babies bottles up except this time they’ll be for me!

Have a good day and hope all goes well in couple of weeks time.

Nicky x

Heya Nicky.

Maybe I’ll feel better after the chemo chat. I’ve been buying stuff from the top tips thread to prepare and may have a few things to add to it soon.

I found a cordial in Morrisons, ginger and lemongrass. I’m reckoning that will help with the nausea and I don’t mind if I never want to drink it after the chemo (I hate ginger). I had a period of stress in my life that was so bad I was naseaus and sick almost every day. Homeopathy fixed that for me so I shall be asking about that.

Lots of friends down south have been trying to convince me to take cannabis as they know people it’s helped through chemo. I’ve been doing some reading and it looks like there are new drugs being trialled in the US. But hopefully the ones they have will help us. I hear they’re pretty good.

I was told that anaesthetic can make you feel sick too and I felt rights as rain after my op so hoping the anti emetics for chemo are jut as good.

Good luck next week. Just remember to breathe :slight_smile:

Hi Angie your welcome… I am feeling jealous as I did not have a chemo chat so just picked up things for the tips on sight. Try down loading a mediation cd from I tunes on to your Ipod (if you have one) set the sleep timer on it. I usually set it for 60mins but usually asleep before it switches off. I use " living breath mediation music for deep relaxation" or “ambient music…ultimate sleep” also down loaded its a bit weird but works.
Lily 200 just the mention of viens and ports in chest made me feel faint, have double ginger cake you deserve it.
Nicky we are all in the same boat with not knowing what side effects we will have. I can’t make up my mind if I am going to buy head gear now or wait until and see if my hair falls out?.
I saw a nutritionist this morning ( pocket £60 lighter) I was pleased with the session and bought her book. “eating for health by sara kirkham”. She spent ages taking my history and giving me tips like if you juice your own fruit & veg make sure they are organic as you will be drinking intensive pestacides.
4 sleep to go until session 1 for me and only 3 for nicky
love & light

Hi guys me again. I just found the where you are from thread on chit chat &fun. Have a look and see if there is anyone near you.

Hi all

I will be starting first FEC on Thursday 8 May. I must say that I have found this site very useful re tips, what to expect etc. I am certainly not going to have any curry during chemo (I am Indian and can’t afford not to have curry) and will have anti nausea drugs before lunch.

To all the wonderful ladies who have shared their stories, thank you. It has certainly given me another insight to the human spirit.

BTW, I am based in Canberra, Australia.

Hi Maggie, to answer your question I had my third FEC last Monday, my next is 19th May and my final one is 30th June.
I had a chat with my oncologist but he was very matter of fact about the potential side effects but didn’t go into anything like what we discuss on here. I got no advice about diet, exercise, skincare, hair loss etc it was a case of “here is the list of what MIGHT happen, see how you go”

welcome ushannaidu you have your 1st on the same day as Nicky. I was ok until today, woke up feeling scared and that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I turned over and pulled the covers up and thought if I think hard enough its not happening then it will go away but in my heart I knew that would not happen so I got up and on with it. The house is cleaner that its been for years. I have read some of the other threads were ladies have gone through so much and still trying to be positive, it made me feel sad that we have to go through this but felt gratefull that I found my lump early and have a good chance of keeping my breast mostly intact. Clarabel roll on the end of june for you. I am off to write up my diary for the day and try to come to terms with today’s feelings.

Hi UshaNaidu

I guess you’re asleep (hopefully) now. How great the internet is to allow us all to share our experiences. Please keep posting as we are both due to start this Thursday - nervous or what? Let me know how you get on with having your curries, of course all the guideline say to avoid hot or spicy foods but I guess you can’t or don’t want to! Having said that I don’t intend to avoid them the whole time, only if I need to.

Wishing you well for Thursday - at least yours should be over before mine!

Nicky x

Hi Maggie, Lily200, Nicky, UshaNaidu and anyone else I’ve omitted to mention.

Sorry to butt in on your lovely chat. I just wanted to wish you all luck with your upcoming treatments. I’m acutally on the site looking for advice on a different subject but couldn’t resist saying something to you all!

I was diagnosed in June 07 and had 6xFEC which finished on 31st October 07. I know that everyone’s experiences are different, but ‘hand on heart’, I can honestly say that I had more good days than bad days on it! I hope this helps.

On the subject of the cold cap, I also used this. It worked fantastically for me, and meant that I didn’t need to use the wig I bought. I probably lost about 50% of my hair, but I retained enough to cover up the bald bits. I’ve just had my hair cut short, cos I had long bits, very short curly bits and it looked odd. Came back grey though - thank God for L’Oreal!

Good luck to all
Sarah x