1st May Treatment

Hi all, just thought I’d give an update on my partner.
It’s been 5 weeks since her non reconstructive double mastectomy and all going well, her original diagnosis was DCIS, but after surgery pathology results state it’s HER2+ Breast Cancer…so she now starts chemotherapy tomorrow (1st May) at the Christie in Manchester, its 6 cycles every 3 weeks so 18 weeks in total. The first 3 cycles are Epirubicin and cyclophosphamide, I’m told it takes 30 minutes but they monitor her for 6 hours afterwards for the first time, then the next 3 are
Docetaxel (taxotere) which takes about 1 hour, I’ve also got to give her injections for 2 weeks, I think it’s some hormone drug…! also taking steroid tablets. She’s decided not to have the cold cap and has already cut most of her hair off, sounds like I’ll be shaving it all off next week. On her 4th cycle of chemo she starts with herceptiin injections and will continue with that every 3 weeks for 12 months, also tamoxifen for 10 years, she might also be having full node removal after her chemo. Hoping there won’t be many side effects, although I suppose everyone is different, anyway we are ready for the next phase of treatment. Good luck to all of you that are going through your own journey!



Just wanted to send your partner and you a hug and very best wishes for her first chemo tomorrow.  I am not a chemo lady myself but still wanted to pass on my best wishes.


Helena x

Hi Chris,


Sounds like you are being a fantastic support to your partner. Are the injections you mention during the chemo period? If so then they’ll be to support the immune system and to help regenerate white blood cells which the chemo destroys. My husband did mine for me at night just before bed. Packet of frozen veg on the tummy for a couple of minutes beforehand completely took any sting away. They can cause some bone pain but I seemed to not suffer too much with that. I know a lot of people here say that a low dose anti-histimine helps with that should it crop up so you might want to stock up on those.


I honestly didn’t find chemo anywhere near as bad as I expected for the majority of the time. I really thought I’d spend 18 weeks with my head down the loo but it wasn’t like that for me.


Good luck to you both for tomorrow. 


Ruth x

Thank you x

Yes the injections are during the chemo period, I’ll try the frozen peas! thanks x

Almost 2 weeks since first cycle and so far all good, she felt a bit nauseous first couple of days but the tablets took care of that, also slightly dizzy and tired but again only first couple of days, I even managed to do the injections! I’m hoping each cycle will be similar…? roll on 14th August as that will be the last one!