1st Period for a year and Im on Tamoxifen...... really worried!

*waves* - sorry it’s been ages since I’ve been on here but tend to only come on if I’m worried about something now as I’m trying to move on
Today I went to the loo, and I’ve come on a period… I’ve had backache and twinges in my abdomen like the start of a period, not as bad as I used to have them to be fair… but the thing is, I haven’t had a period for about a year now, perhaps longer.
I’m on Tamoxifen and have been since September.
What on earth is that about? I’ve left a message with my BCN but wondered if anyone else has had this and if it’s of concern at all.

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Hiya, just spotted your post. There’s a thread I started a year or so ago about periods post chemo, did they return and when? I’ll try and bump it up. It’s v useful as loads of ladies have put in their own experiences. The general picture is that you are totally normal (periods wise ;-)). Mine came back 18 months post chemo ended, early this year and I have had 3 in total, though I can feel an underlying cycle every month. I’m 38, and on tamoxifen too. Try not to stress, it’s well within the range of normal it seems. I’ll try and dig the thread out but find this site a bit tricky now, so if I don’t could one of the moderators please have a look for it? Thanks

Hi tors,

I’ve had a search and found this thread you started about a year ago, hope it’s the one you’re referring to:


(For info: to find the thread I clicked on the purple Q at the top of this page which brings you to an advanced search area, within there you have various options to search and it worked!! It’s the same process for you to search as it us for us mods. Don’t hesitate to ask though if you can’t find what you’re looking for.)

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Thanks Jo. That’s the thread I meant. I might just go and drag up some old threads now for the sheer hell of it, just because I know how to!