1st scan following 3rd cycle Pablociclid

Hi everyone

Diagnosed secondary breast cancer with extensive lung mets and chest lymphadenopathy in February. Just about to have my scan following 3 cycles of Pablociclid and Fulvestrant. I am still on 125mgs and seem to tolerate it very well after an initial hiccough. In fact I feel almost normal (if that’s possible !) and have very minimal  side effects. So having nothing else to worry about, I am worrying about the results of the scan and whether pablo is working. Dont mind being stable Mabel, but dont want it to spread to other organs. This treatment suits me so well I am scared it isn’t working and will have to change treatments to Chemo. Anyone else with  1st scan following Pablo experience, have Terrible scanxiety. 

Hi Ej. 
glad that you are finding palbociclib tolerable and feeling almost normal! I feel the same after eight cycles, not least because I had chemo last year before starting palbo. 
I think it is fair to say that scanxiety is something we all share! This is particularly true if treatment seems to be going well I think, because SBC is so sneaky we are scared to feel better. 
I try ( usually unsuccessfully ) not to worry as it will not change the outcome. 
:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: that it is working for you ( and me)


Hi Ej,

I had a CT scan last week and am due to see oncologist on Friday for results- this is after 3 months of treatment. 
I’ve had seemingly constant infections every month- and clots in my leg- but am now finally feeling better and even able to walk approx 2500 steps with the help of walking poles.
I have scanxiety and am worried that something has crept in unexpectedly.

sending cyber hugs