1st taxotere!


Looking for any advice for my impending 1st tax on friday. Any helpful tips for do’s and don’ts would be grealty apprehiated.
I think there will be a few us entering the world of tax very shortly.
I have just had 3 fec and come through them relative well - apart from the nausea and yuk mouth. Very nervous about friday as everything I have read says if you do well on fec you are not so well on tax and vice a versa.
Thank you in advance.

Take Care, love


I’m looking forward to your replies Anne. I have my first tax on Tuesday. Shall I let you know. Like you I have sailed through 3 FEC and still waiting to ‘get ill’. The onc nurses call tax ‘the bomb’. I think it’s because it comes in a black bag.
I’ll tell you on Tuesday how it was.
love Vanessa

Hi Anne,
Just wanted to say good luck. My first tax (docetaxol) is on 27th dec.
Andrea x

Hi Anne

I have my first Taxotere on New Years Eve, like you I have been ok on FEC, my nurse says that FEC is the harsher!!! I’m just hoping that i’m as lucky on Tax as I have been on FEC… Only 3 more to go… x

Look forward to hearing how your getting on
Mel x

Sorry Vanessa, think our posts clashed…good luck for tuesday. A x

Hi all

Good to hear from you Vanessa and Andrea. Hello Mel - not sure we have “spoken before”!
We can cyber hold hands through this. How many tax are you all having. I am having 3 - the last one the 1st feb, then a break and then 6 weeks or rads.
Good Luck Vanessa for Tuesday - looks like you will be the first of us - looking forward to hearing from you.
Just hoping I do as well on tax as fec. Have two littlies - so want to enjoy xmas.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Take care and enjoy the week-end, love

Anne x

Hi Anne, Vanessa, Mel and Andrea,

I have my first TAX on Mon. Have been OK on 4 FEC just sickness the first night, tired for a few days and then the blues for a bit but in the grand scheme of things doable I find the cold cap worse but hey that’s my choice!! Anyway I will let you know my onc nurse said the same that most people are less sick BUT there are other side affects, oh the joy!!!
Take care all, lets hope we have some cheer at Christmas and definitely a healthier and happier new year.

with love


Hiya all

I finished Tax (4 sessions after 4 xAC) end Sept. and will say that it does knock you about a bit , but today enjoyed my daily 2 mile power walk, really looking forward to a busy Christmas (feeding 10 plus dog) and it’s supposed to be the best at killing off the little b…gg…s, so just roll with it.

My first was the most achey, and fourth the most tiring, but it was doable and worth it, knowing everything was being thrown at it that could be. Any side effects just ask, there are a few, but not everyone gets everything - I had absolutely no sickness on Tax, , so just wait and see what happens (hopefully not a lot!).

Good luck.
Anne x

i just finished my last of 3 tax (following 3 fec). i had basically same experience as Anne - 1st was definitely most achey, 3rd is most tiring. i think you just need to listen to your body - rest but try and keep moving. i’ve been doing yoga and sometimes it was hard to keep doing it but i did find that moving my body helped it cope with this onslaught. i suffered from constipation - i think as much from the steroids probably as taxotere but the oncologist gave me something to take and i ate a lot of prunes! this is a strong drug there is no doubt but you probably won’t feel the sickness that you might have with fec and it is doable.
good luck! hope it all goes well for you.

Hi Anne,

Will be following shortly behind you on the Tax, my last FEC of 4 is 27th Dec, then mid Jan for first Tax. Remember how scary first FEC was? (how could you forget!) and everyone said it was do-able - and it was. Shall be following your thread with interest and with loads of cyber hugs!

Take care,

Love, Louisa xxx

HI Anne
as you know from fec thread, 1st tax for me is jan 9th. Bit nervous but want it over at the same time. good luck to all you having it in December
cally x

Hi Anne

again from fec thread, I will be somewhat later than all of you in starting my tax, as I have a break after FEC for rads so I will be probably be starting as you are all finishing - but am still hoping to pick up tips etc to help me when I get there.
I noticed Vanessa mentioned the black bag it comes in. When I was in having my first fec, I asked the nurse about that. The Tax is actually in a clear bag in my hospital and they have to put a black cover over it.

When I asked why, she said that it was because it is light sensitive - this relates to another tip I have seen on a thread here somewhere relating to nails - it apparently helps (though obviously I can’t say whether it actually does it or not!) to paint your nails with a very dark polish, navy blue or back, to avoid any problems with nails?

Anyway - shall be following the thread with interest…

take care
margaret x

Hi all,

I am also following in your footsteps ladies, I have the last of EC on 28th Dec and start 4 of Tax 3 weeks after that, (still waiting for date).

My tax is being given with Hereptin so for the first time have to have then on different days and if all OK will then be given then together.

I to will follow this thread as dreading the Tax.

Hugs for those about to start.

Jackie xxxxx

hi ladies

had my first tax on 7th dec felt ok in myself but had pains in legs for a few days which thank god have gone now. mouth uclers started to tingle so kept up with mouthwash every day and that should keep them at bay. its over a week since i had it and i feel ok everyone is different your be ok just deal with it one day at a time. good luck

Hi Everyone

Amanax - thank you for your reply - You are a couple of weeks ahead of me - so very grateful for the above and any further advice. Did you have any chemo prior to the tax - if so which one and how did you find that? (hope you do not mind me asking). I know everyone is individual - and will just have to wait and see how I manage but any useful tips greatly apprehiated.

C - Hope today went ok - have been thinking about you.

Take care, love

Anne x

Hello everyone.
I’m sat in the Macmillan centre at the hospital awaiting my blood tests. I get to sit in here for hours. Just seen onc to sign forms for my taxotere starting tomorrow plus write my prescription for the next lot. More mouth wash and steriods. She tells me my eyebrows and eyelashes will fall out with Tax and to paint my nails… So tonight I will get my Mum to paint my nails purple (the darkest colour I have). I will look really ‘goth’ tomorrow.
Thinking about you ALL. Will post tomorrow if I’m up to it.
Love and prayers

Hi now sat in Macmillan centre 24 hours later awaiting my Tax to be brought up from the pharmacy.
Post you later ladies. xxxx


Vanessa - Hope all goes well today. Great with the update. Let us know how you get on.

C- How did yesterday go?


Anne x

Good luck Vanessa xxx

Hi Ladies

I posted after my first Tax, I was truly an awful experience because I was also prescribed Tramadol which reacted with the chemo. I saw my onc last week in prep for Tax 2 and the dosage was lowered. I can’t believe the difference, day 4 and I am back at work! I was 11 days in bed last time!

I have noticed how my mood changes for the worse though, its a good job I recognise its the chemo playing with my head, I felt suicidal on Sunday no joke!

I have cancelled all treatment over the holidays as I intend to grab a bit of normality back.

Take care all