1st time posting

I have just come across this site and found it so helpfull.

I went to have my first routine mammogram on 4th Feb and received a letter on 12th asking me to go for a second mammogram which I had on 16th once that had been looked at I then had to have an ultrasound and a biopsy. Once they had finished I asked why it was necessary to do the biopsy and was told because they had found what they thought was a cancerous lump.Not what I was expecting at all.
I know of a few women that have been recalled due to the x-ray not being clear or they have found cists. This is what I expected not cancer.
I asked the Nurse (who was really supportive) if there was any chance it wasn’t cancer and she thought by the look of it. Apparently it is gagged round the edges. I just sat there not really taking it all in. I had gone on my own as I did think it was necessary to drag the other half along. I asked why I hadn’t found the lump and she said that because of where it is and it is very small I wouldn’t have found it myself. So I hope that is a good sign.
I have to go back next Wednesday for the outcome. Fingers and toes crossed now.
When I think about it now I have been feeling really tired since Christmas, but I put that down to the fact that I had been off work for 2 months after having a knee operation, only having gone back to work in January. Bit of a shock to the system going back to work after having time off doing nothing and not having to be up early.

Hi Marion. I was in the same boat as you. I had my first routine mammogram at the beginning of November and was recalled for second stage testing. I knew I had cysts and, like you, went to the clinic on my own. After another mammogram and ultrasound, I was told they needed to do a biopsy. I was shocked as it was not what I was expecting. I couldn’t feel a lump either, neither could the doctor. Two weeks later I was told I had early invasive lobular cancer. More shock.

I had my surgery last week (lumpectomy and lymph node sampling). I had a delay because of the kind of cancer I have and I had to have an MRI and a further biopsy. I’m sore and bruised, but happy that I am being given such good care. As they have found it early, it is likely I will avoid chemotherapy and just have radiotherapy. I get my results next Friday.

If you do have cancer, you will find that the people who are treating you are fantastic. They really do know how you feel and are endlessly supportive. As are the people on this website.

One warning I would give though, is not to read too far ahead on this forum. Some people have quite a grim time and everyone’s treatment is different, so what is happening to them will not necessarily happen to you, especially if they have caught it early. You don’t need to scare yourself any more!!

You will find that the next few weeks are very difficult. You’ll find yourself thinking of things that are crazy and terrifying, but everyone seems to go through that stage. It will pass. When you get your diagnosis (even if it’s bad news) you will feel better and that’s going to happen very quickly it seems.

Good luck and if you would like to talk privately, send me a message.

I was recalled from my first routine mammogram in October. After the repeat mammos, they showed me the area they were concerned about and also pointed it out during the ultrasound. They told me they were fairly sure it was breast cancer and that treatment would probably be “a small operation and 6 weeks radiotherapy”. In fact it is only 4 weeks rads, but otherwise they were right and the core biopsy results confirmed the diagnosis. I had lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy at the end of November and got the pathology results a week later. I too was a bit sore and bruised after surgery but I recovered quickly and am now on week 2 of rads and taking tamoxifen.

There is a lot of support on this site and always someone to talk to, so don’t be afraid to post and ask questions. I found it good to read one stage ahead on the forum. That gave me the information I felt I needed without overwhelming me. Between diagnosis and surgery everything seemed to be moving very fast, which was good but breathtaking. I felt much better once I had met with my surgeon because he explained things, gave me the opportunity to ask questions and inspired confidence. I also had (and still have) the support of a very good breast care nurse at the hospital where I had the surgery.

Hope you get on well on Wednesday. I go to all my appointments on my own but take a notebook and write things down. That helps me to concentrate as well as giving me the record of what has been said.

Eliza xx

Hi Marion

I went in mid December for a check of a lump, which I thought would be a cyst because I have them. I had the whole mammo, ultra and biopsy thing done that morning, and was told it was almost certainly a tumour. I know what you mean about shock.

Fingers crossed for your results, and try and keep positive. If it does turn out to be cancer, know that we’re all either in the same boat or have been. This site is amazing for information and support. Like Sal says though, it can be scary reading too far ahead, particularly when you don’t actually know yet what your situation is. If you do want to read through just keep in mind what you’re already thinking - if it’s cancer it’s caught early. Try not to imagine too much too soon. While you’re waiting for your results, if there’s anything you want to ask about or discuss, just post it up. Somebody will either have been there, done it, or pretty much. And as Eliza says, when you go for your appointment ask as much as you like, don’t worry about taking up their time or asking questions you think might be daft, just make sure you’re happy that you understand what the results mean for you.

Best of luck, and keep chatting.


Thank you for all your comments. It does help having someone out there who knows how you feel.

I will be pleased when Wednesday is here and know exactly what it is and what is going to happen. Its all the waiting, like having your life on hold.

hi Marion - have everything crossed for you - keep well & positive…mary x

Marion, good luck for tomorrow.