2 days to Chemo

Hello ladies, I’m another newbie starting FEC60 on 16th Nov, after WLE and SNB. Initial biopsy suggested small G1 tumour, and was advised surgery followed by radiotherapy - a big enough shock - but after surgery it was re-graded to 3, HER2+ and only mildly sensitive to oestrogen so now it’s ‘everything’, but surgery margins were clear and no bc in nodes. Have visited the Chemo unit and arranged to try the Cold Cap, but am taking my oncologist’s advice and being prepared with a lovely hairpiece called Connie! I’ve read loads of advice on here so guess it’s just a matter of seeing how I am with my treatment and picking the most appropriate bits out. Have just had a lovely weekend away to ‘celebrate’ starting my treatment but as hubby is now coughing and sneezing I’m sleeping in a different room tonight. Have a list of potentially helpful things to buy tomorrow … then roll on Weds.

I love your attitude to this, well done. You sound such a positive person. By the time I had my first chemo I had almost planned how ill it was going to make me feel!!! And to be honest it wasn’t as bad as I expected (& that was 12 years ago when treatments weren’t as good as they are nowadays). Things that I found useful were:
Always plan something to look forward to e.g. a threatre trip.
Take up a hobby to focus your mind on (I took up painting by numbers).
Go out a lot, mix with people, don’t cut yourself off & take all the support offered.
Eat whatever you fancy & don’t worry about eating healthily, your body will tell you what it needs.
And finally, ICE LOLLIES, so refreshing when your mouth feels yucky.
Good luck with everything & keep that positive attitude going.

Love lbx157

Hi mb4658

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums where I am sure you will get some good support from the many informed users of this site.

To help you along I have put for you below the link to a couple of BCC’s publications which you may find helpful. Don’t forget there’s also the helpline if you need someone to offload to our questions answering. Calls to the helpline are free, as are all BCC’s publications.

FEC chemo:

Resource pack:

I hope these help. Take care.

Jo, Facilitator

Mb4658. Good luck with your chemo.
The thought of chemotherapy can be daunting but everybody is different and side effects can differ from person to person. I am nearing the end of FEC-T and found the FEC quite easy. Others have been nauseated. There are differing drugs that can be given to help with side effects so if you find yours are not controlling yours Ring Your Unit.
The best thing for me was to join a Forum ie having Chemotherapy in August. See if there is one for November and join in. It is comforting to know what you are experiencing on day three is the same as others. You will become very friendly within your group because you are going through things together. It is also a good forum to voice those inner feelings that others would not understand who had not had the same experience.
You sound incredibly positive which is superb. The time will fly by but if you do have a glitch or want to clarify things or even just need to talk to somebody do ring the Helpline.I have on a few occasions and found it invaluable and a comfort. The number is 0808 800 6000.
Best wishes and a big hug you will be at the other end sooner than you think.
Cackles xx

Hi MB,

It’s all a big shock isn’t it? …, you get over the initial shock of BC with “just” radiotherapy, then they hit you with the “full package”. I know something similar happened to me although I don’t need herceptin.

I had a WLE & SNB in July and started FEC in September. I’ve just had FEC3 and things are going well. I found that sucking on ice pops & lollies whilst having chemo helped prevent losing my taste buds & reduced mouth ulcers. The other thing is take a look at the “Starting chemo in November” thread, they are a lovely bunch of ladies and you will be surprised how much support you get from each other. (I know I have been helped by the September girls and others who pop in and out!). You find good advice there too.

I hope your journey goes smoothly,

Big hugs


Im having my second fec on wed.Feel not very good for two weeks after and then great on week 3. Ive got a wee boy and he is ten. Ive got a wig now and its driving me crazy with itching! My son will not let me not wear the wig so I have to persevere. Anyone else had a problem

Thanks everyone - didn’t know what to expect by way of responses, so it was great to get in from work and find you’d all taken the trouble to send your messages. Also had an e-mail to say that Connie - who may well become my new best friend, if/when I lose my hair - is ready to collect. That experience, of choosing a hairpiece, was no where near as upsetting as I’d imagined; thanks to my daughter and daughter-in-law who made the trip into a lovely day out, and reassured me how good Connie looked. I’m almost excited to try her out! There seems to be a lot of variation in the process of getting a hairpiece depending on your local hospital - does anyone know what the ‘rules’ are?

I love your approach to chemo - I was scared stiff. Although I did feel rough and had most of the common side effects, it still wasn’t as bad as my imagination!

Like you, I had a fun day out picking my wig. My daughter came with me and we had a laugh at some of the horrendous wigs. The ones I settled on though were great and I loved them, wearing them every day for over 6 months. It made me feel ‘normal’ as I didn’t want to stand out as a cancer patient.

I’m now over 3 years from chemo but my wig and hospital bag are still on top of the wardrobe - just in case!

You’ll soon be on the other side of chemo and will be resuming your life where you left off.