!/2 dose letrozole

Anybody out there tried  to do this ?

Dear Evolve,

Pleased you have come to the forum, was wondering how long you have been on Letrozole, I’m not medically trained to give advise, however I would say it better to take half the dose that none.

Maybe, give your BC Nurse a call or the nurses on this site who will be able to give you good advice going forward.

big hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

Hi Evolve,

Im interested to know about taking half a letrozole tablet, I’m scared of taking them full stop and haven’t started yet

Have you started and if so have you had any side effects 

it just doesn’t sit well with me to strip my body of the oestrogen I have left and the harm that will bring x 

Hello lovely, I want to try 1/2 dose of Letrozole not tried it yet though