2 Week Wait

Hi all; 

I’m new to the forum. I went to the GP with a mark I noticed on my breast and underarm pain. I fully expected that I was just being paranoid and she’d send me away but she felt a lump and has referred me. She was really reassuring and said that pain isn’t usually an early symptom but that I could use the 2 week wait pathway so she might as well. 

The wait is killing me! I got a text the next day to say the were processing it and a letter would be sent out with my appointment on it but that the appointment could be up to 7 weeks! I just don’t know how I will cope waiting that long. 

I do know that there’s a good chance it will be benign or a cyst or something and it probably isn’t anything sinister. I keep telling myself that the statistics are in my favour and I won’t stress about it or think about it anymore, but then I find myself googling more stuff! 

Any words of wisdom would be very much appreciated. 


Really - 7 weeks , for the 2 week referral ?? Thats astounding. Is it definite that you are on the right pathway and not on the ‘non urgent’ list ? Sorry, thats not a word of wisdom is it really - just surprise. I wonder if its worth just quickly checking with the GP that it is the right type of referral made ? You are quite right, waiting for the clinic appointment is incredibly tough, an absolute rollercoaster of thoughts and worries.

Firstly, don’t google about anything to do with your symptoms/sensations as you will find some scary stories that you feel you could fit and stories that it is nothing at all and all fine - but it won’t help you to feel more settled as you will quickly swing back the other way. Only the clinic will provide the answer and everything you research in between will give moments of hope, fear and confusion. We say this to everybody and often, and it will honestly make things much worse for you in the wait.

You have done the right thing in notifying your GP early of changes you have noticed, that really is the thing to fear - NOT finding and notifying of the breast change. You are right of course the vast majority of referrals are for benign conditions, and stats are in your favour, but knowing that doesn’t really take away the worry does it. I honestly would suggest checking with your GP about the ‘7 week wait’ and going from there…

Please do use this forum as a place to put your thoughts, we are here to help. x