2 weeks after surgery - swelling up!

Hi there, I had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed 2 weeks ago. Today my boob is swollen and feeling very heavy, not hot or red, Can somebody tell me if this is something I should be seeing the Dr about? Its been heavy and felt bruised since th op but today, its different??!!  I think ! xx

Hi Scaryskittle. I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to your query. But just thought I would say Hi and I hope someone can answer your query soon.
When you were discharged from hospital did they give you a contact number at all, maybe worth giving them a call?
Positive thoughts as always xx

Thanks for replying ? I have an appt tomorrow so will see what they say then xx

hi,i had the same surgery,although i didnt get the pain in my breast i did get it where they removed the lymphh nodes and alot of swelling.i was concerned the same as u so saw my gp who said it was from the surgery and not an infection.u can get excess fluid build up which the body will reabsorb eventually.if u are worried at all ring the breast care nurse or visit ure gp.i was given more pain relief.hope u feel better soon.x

hi again,yes u would think it would swell up straight away but mine didn’t til 1wk n half after surgery.i’m not sure wot causes it,but be reassured it soon goes down,its just very uncomfortable until it does.mine has gone down now thanks.hope your s settles soon.x



im 5 weeks after my operation, the same as you.  I went to see my BC nurse and they removed fluid from my boob each time, which is seroma.


The swelling is very normal, as mine is still swollen and tender, they have advised it is normal.  It is due to scar tissue healing and will take some time.


You need to carry on with your exercises.


good luck