2 weeks post treatment..feel lousy

2 weeks post treatment…feel lousy

2 weeks post treatment…feel lousy Hi Everyone,

I have finished my treatment two weks ago and hey, thought I was doing well. Everything has healed up after skin being sore and in general the body is getting better.

So why do I feel so emotionally lousy? I keep thinking of all the things Ive been through and feel very weepy.

I am also suffering from rage, in short bursts, I am so angry that people around me think I should be ok now. Its like they are sick of hearing about cancer, never moaned that much anyway. I wonder how they would cope, they had no idea at all. I feel ,at the moment , telling them all to b***er off, but say nothing, which makes my negative feeling worst.

I hope these feelings will subside and I will be more like my own self soon.

Has anyone else felt like this after treatment? what did you do/say to help yourself.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Me Too! I feel just the same, I’m 5 weeks post chemo, and fed up with people saying when are you coming back to work, you look so well. Well I must look great - no hair, eye lashes like stubs, eyebrows sparse!!! Yes I keep smiling but no one sees the tears you have when you look in the mirror and see this strange person looking back at you. I joined the gym this week to try and bring back the energy levels, now I’ve come down with a stinking cold and feel like c…p. but hey ho we keep going we are a strong bred!!!

Take Care

Clare (S)

Dear Rosie & Clare Sorry to read that you are feeling down at the moment. I am sure that you will receive support and information from the other forum users very soon, in the meantime if you would like to speak to someone on our helpline for confidential support please feel free to ring on 0808 800 6000 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

Kind regards
BCC Host

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Hi Rosie and Clare,

I know only too well what you are both going through. I finished treatment in November 06 - now just taking tamoxifen. All the way through chemo and then half way through rads was very strong and positive - everyone kept saying how well I looked and how brave I was. But then half way through rads suddenly felt terrible, really weepy, depressed, etc. Couldn’t let my brave front down either because everyone was beginning to comment on my treatment nearly being over and 'light at the end of the tunnel. But I felt terrible, and more so for bottling up my feelings. So I phoned BCC and requested telephone counselling. It was great, within a couple of days a lovely lady had rung me and given me lots of reassurance and encouragement, and most of all ‘permission’ to feel like I did. I’d urge you to get some help - it really worked for me.

We have all been through so much and have been so brave that we must allow ourselves to feel down sometimes without beating ourselves up over it. Hey, we’ve come through a lot!! Hang on in there, keep posting here (it really helps), and best of luck to both of you.

Loads of hugs, Jean xx

Rosie the rage is a good indicator that you ARE getting better.When children, who have been pale and really poorly ,start throwing their rice pud mums know they’re on the mend.
Give it a little time and you will know you’re on the up. Meanwhile look after yourself- good fresh food, plenty of rest etc. Best wishes, dilly

Counselling Most of us have been there. While physically you may have worked through it, and good for you, a cancer diagnosis often brings to the fore emotional/spiritual problems that need resolving. You need to address these now, probably with external assistance, give yourself time to do so and try to see it as an integral part of your healing process.

All the best


from Lousy with love. Thanks ladies and BCC support for your support.

I will be considering a form of counselling just to help me, still feel lousy, but aims to change. Its a road that takes a while.

Thanks dilly for the wise words and its true, I am more cross cos I have more energy to be, never though about it like that. Its probably a good thing!

Thanks for the other kind postings, I will look after myelf and hopefully in time it will be better.

lots of love to you all


weird times Oh so familiar… I posted on 13.1.07 headed ‘finished but feeling strange’, and then found a thread started by twinmummy on 1.1.07 along similar lines (breastcancercare.org.uk/content.php?page_id=1929&forum_cmd=3&forum_id=10&topic=7117).

I have to confess that I am actually feeling much better just at the moment, thankfully. It is so much a case of taking every day as it comes and allowing yourself to go with the flow a bit. I just acknowledge the fact that I am a bit down if that 's the way I feel, but look for little things I can do and feel like doing, and take it from there.

I do hope that you feel better before too long, though I know it can take a while. Talking to friends/counsellors/anyone who will listen can really help.