2 years after treatment

Finished treatment nearly 2 years ago but still dont feel right physically, is this normal?

Kayla I am nearly 3 yrs after treatment,have had some surg since but i still feel a little odd some days.I can get up one morn and do loads of things then get up another and just do the everyday boring stuff.I think we just have to listen to our bodies and take everyday as it comes.


Sounds right to me, thank you very much, feel bit better bout it now, Makes complete sense bout listening to our bodies because if i find i dont eat the correct things or drink enough water it can make it worse??!

hi kayla7

im like you i finished my treatment 2 years ago… some days i feel like i cant do anything, then, that stresses me out, and makes me feel more tired?..it can go on for say a week or two, then, all of a sudden i feel bright and full of beens for a while and that seem to be my cycle?..

but i really dont have the full energy i had say 3 years ago?.. i don t know if that will ever come back?..

hope that helps…


Hi Ladies
I finished treatment Sep 07 and i too sometimes feel drained , so it has done me good to read that i am not alone, before dx i was full of energy i often wonder if i will be that person again !! also when i am tired i get the dry mouth that i had during treatment, so i am still having to Carry a bottle of water with me when i go out.

Mary xx

I’ve been warned that it can take years to feel normal again and that I shouldn’t expect to get my old life back. But the same person did say that I should also take time to really think about what I want from life and pick all the good bits I want to keep and shed the baggage and then it’s possible to actually end up happier, but not to expect miracles too fast.

This was advice from a woman who’s helped about 30 breast cancer patients recover from the treatment and a good friend of my Mum. I trust her and even though I’m still doing the chemo right now I am thinking about how I want my life to change when I get out the other side.

If we can’t cut ourselves a bit of slack then who can, I mean don’t we all deserve it, honestly… We do. I’m sure. What you’ve all done was hard, trust me my vains are vouching for that right now.

Hi Kayla

You are quite Normal !!

I am just past 3 years and feeling GREAT !! and NORMAL !! again something I thought would never happen.

Vertangie is right about picking up all the good bits in life and shedding the baggage something I would have never done before BC but have done now and lifes good !!

Take each day as it comes and try not to rush things take time out for yourself and do only the things that make you happy.

Good Luck

hi all

Great to hear you do get back to normal,nearly coming up to 3 yrs after dx and starting to feel normal again but tire so very easily.I did only have double mast and recon last oct so shouldnt be too hard on myself but if anyone is like me i get frustrated with myself.I do concentrate on the good things in my life like the kids but i do make more time for myself i think we deserve it.

Hi Kayla

I’m 4 years after treatment, and whilst there are aspects of my life that have improved…I got divorced! I still get tired, like today I went back to bed and got up at 1.

I did put weight on, but some of that has now come off, I just think my body has got used to tamoxifen.

I find I can’t drink more than 1 or 2 glasses of wine, otherwise it messes me up for a few days.

One thing my BCN keeps telling me is don’t be too hard on myself. We have had a life changing experience afterall

Lots of love to everyone

Jeni x

Interesting reading ladies-I haven’t been on the site for a while,

How do we measure normal after everything we have been through?

Do we rest when we feel unwell/tired because of all of our treatment or because we now stop when our bodies tell us to instead of carrying on and ignoring our bodies.

I had finished treatment in 05,have had more,thankfully benign surgery since and will continue to rest whenever I need to.

I shed my control freak husband after treatment and haven’t regretted it once!

Stay Strong ladies and stay well xx

I finished treatment (well chemo) 2 years ago (herceptin 1 year ago) Im back working full time in a pretty physical job but it is stress free. I find making desicions difficult and trying to remember more than 3 things is pretty difficult still. I have to constantly write lists and notes. Luckily work is very well organised and we have checklists to follow so its hard to get it wrong. I try and avoid blaming all my headaches, memory lapses and general aches and pains on the tablets but it is too easy
Louise xxx

I have been anxious because I havent much energy and tire so very easily.If I have a busy day I am exhausted the next and I finished treatment in Oct 07 so I neednt beat myself up too much I think.I am bothered about still having the peripheral neuropathy but it is a small price to pay even if it is permanent.I am grateful.Valxx