2 years clear!!!! hooray!!!!

just got 2 year mammo and u/s results today - all clear and feel absolutely fantastic!!! feel i can now plan beyond a year or two, feel i’m allowed to live - brilliant - worth all the crap we all go through!!! hooray!!!


Thats great news i am just coming up for my first mammogram the end of this month

Fantastic news hannah you must feel GREAT !!

Good luck poppet for your mammo,I have my 2nd year mammo due early sept and worried already !!

Love xx

thats fab …have my second year check early October and I am sressing already so fingers crossed for us all xxxxx


Isn’t it a great feeling!!!
Josie xx

Good news, i have just had my 1 year mammogram which was 6 months late, apparently but it is clear thank god, here is to the future may it be a healthy one

Great News sarah66 Well done
Jackie xx

Great news ladies!! well done and enjoy life!

Bev x

Hi girls

Congratulations Hannah and Sara. So great to read your good news.

Have great celebratory weekend. Anne xx