2 years since my liver and bone mets were diagnosed


I thought i’d make use of this very welcome new section of the forum to share some good news.

I have just passed the two year milestone since my liver and bone mets were diagnosed and my CT scan, done today, shows NED. I’ve had taxotere chemo and pamidronate and am now on bondronat, zoladex and arimidex. Last year three sessions of radio frequency ablation successfully treated my 10 liver mets and my doc said today that the treated areas are all healing with healthy new tissue. I get hot flushes and aches from the hormone treatment and a pain in my hip that comes and goes from the bone mets but am otherwise in good health. I hope that this section of the forum will in time grow with many positive stories about living with secondaries.

Best wishes to all you lovely ladies

Hooray Heather - for having such great news and also for being the first (I think) to post on here :wink: Well done with all your treatments and you sound as if you are in good health, the aches come with the territory don’t they?
Nicky x

Heather that is wonderful news - for you and for those of us more recently dx’d looking for inspiring examples. Thanks for posting.

finty xx


What fantastic news - that’s the sort of news we all need!

Take care and long may it continue

Nicola xx

I am so happy for you Heather! You’ve really givin me the ‘zing’ i need!


That is good news Heather…what a fantastic result. I’m SO pleased for you. :slight_smile: x

Hi Heather, thats really good news and very heartening to read ! !

Best Wishes Max x

Having just been diagnosied with multiple liver mets that is what i really needed to hear. Thank you. It has given me the will to go for it x

Candide, your news is really encouraging for us all.

Hi Lemongrove and Dawn, just thought I would add that in a few months it will be three years and there’s no change on my scans other than healing bone mets. I’m training to run a 10k race in July (with my onc’s blessing) - never thought I would be in a position to say that three years ago!


I just love a happy story and good luck Heather for the future and Candide with the race and many more races to come.

Thanks so much for sharing your good news - it’s great to get a positive sense of what can happen with good treatment. Long may your good health continue!