2 years today after my first operation!

Hi i cant believe I am 2 years today after my first operation and have done lumpectomy, chemo, rads, tamoxifen, zoladex, double masectomy and reconstruction and nipple reconstruction all in that time! I have to take things slowIy now and dont always plan much but im certainly gonna have a big glass of wine tonight!

I am two years today since diagnosis then FECx6, surgery and radiotherapy x20 and now Arimidex for five years. I am also going to have a large glass of wine tonight and dream of better days ahead. Just told at work today that due to management restructuring I will have to express an interest and be interviewed for my job - what a life

Well done girls!

Well done ! - I shall have a glass or two with you. I am 15 months since op and look forward to each year

Liz xxx

Hi Cesca24
I had a double masectomy one operation January 08 this year and the other side done March 08, i had cancer at 38 and my sister had cancer at 39, we are not sure if there is a genetic risk… if I had not had the masectomy the risk of recurrence was 85% supposedly and after operation down to 3% less than a lady without BC. I am 40 years old and have two children who I adore. quite honestly I would have done anything to get rid of the risk. I used to suffer and still sometimes do suffer with panic attacks and mentally am better off with no breast tissue… I had Ld reconstruction and that area of my body is not that numb as I have my back muscle in front of the implant, the no nipples I didnt really care about if it helped prevent cancer, I actually got used to the way I looked and the kids and my hubby it wasnt a problem… i was encouraged by my team to have nipple reconstruction which has gone well and looks amazing just got to have colouring in 6 weeks… After my lumpectomy in 06 i was left with so little breast anyway that actually im better off with the masectomy and reconstruction. for me I feel so much better mentally, I still have wobbly days and its not something you forget but with my clothes on nobody knows and im happier!
bakers x

Next week will be 2 years since my dx.Op was Oct 24th then chemo and 15 rads.I had WLE and node sampling.2cm triple neg tumour no nodes involved.Apart from residual peripheral neuropathy from taxotere I am fine and looking forward to a few more healthy years enjoying hubby,children and grandchildren[I am 64].Onward and upward girls.Love Valxx

im also 2 yrs since my op it was in may 2006 i was diognosed with lobular ,had chemo first then 3 oct had mastectomy, seems a life time ago i look back and wonder just how i got through the days before the op but now im through ,unfortunatly have liver secs but wont let that stop me fighting to stay alive ,everyday is a bonus as far as im concerned ,my poor sister didnt have that option . best wishes to all coming up to their aniversarys .
lynn xx

I’m 2 years on October 5th and I’m going to Belfast for 4 days. This is going to be very emotional for me as my dad died on October 16th the previous year - he was from Belfast and I am the only child in the family who was never taken there on holiday. It’s like the last piece in the jigsaw of my life and I’m hoping to get closure on my dad’s death.

hi cherub
my dad died today 19 years ago! I think thats a good thing to go to Belfast even though it will be very emotional for you. Do you have alot of family over there still I am sure they will support you and be very pleased your there! Hope all goes well with your trip!