21 years old, has had benign phyllodes tumor/fibroadenomas.

I’m 21 years old and discovered a lump in my breast when I was 18. (Might’ve been there a year before I discovered it). After many different opinions, many thought it was simply a lump or a cyst. It turned out to be a benign phyllodes tumor which is rare in women my age, and in general, really. So I had it removed, March 2016. A month after , i had a second procedure to remove a bit of tissue so that the lump would have a “low chance” of returning. Then, with a May 2017 follow up, they discoved another lump, growing back in the same spot which was alarming to the examiners. So, I had a biopsy, determined it to be a fibroadenoma, which was followed by another surgery, my 3rd, in June of 2017 for removal. Yet again, I got a follow up sonogram in December of 2017. I got my results in a few days, turns out I have another lump yet again after just having had one removed 6mos prior, and this one is growing quicker, if im not mistaking, it’s bigger than my first fibroadenoma. I had a biopsy as well as a mammogram within the next 2 weeks of hearing those results. The biopsy determined it to be another fibroadenoma and my mammogram was completely pointless (they told me it can not determine anything whatsoever because of my age and it’s density, so I’m not sure why they made me get it squished for nothing). I felt relief hearing that my results came back normal, then completely upset once she told me the mammo couldn’t read anything, (even if something was there). Because it’s benign, the surgery is completely my decision. I’m not sure if to get it or not. It gives me anxiety just knowing that its there, and I rather it be gone. However I think about yet again another scar. It isn’t painful nor huge to where I can even feel it, however it is a more sensitive breast and I sometimes do feel strain coming from that area. Even though they are benign, I always think of the fact that the first one was a phyllodes tumor, something that had a chance of being malignant.

Anyone share this experience? Should I have it removed?

Hi Djw,
I didn’t want to just click on past your post & do not have your experience, but sorry to hear you have this dilemma, especially in view of your previous experience.
Is it possible to get another opinion on this?
Presumably you will be followed up closely, no matter what you decide.
Wishing you all the best with it all.
ann x