24 year old with bowel cancer - breast lump?

Hi everyone.

I am 24 and I have bowel cancer, currently undergoing fertility treatment to freeze my eggs. I am due for surgery on 9th. Around a week ago (maybe just under) I found a large lump (maybe 2/3cm) that is round and can move, around 5cm above nipple towards the armpit. I’m really freaking out about this as I already have a cancer diagnosis. I had a ct scan in august so hoping If this was cancerous it would’ve appeared on there? I’m at the fertility clinic on Monday so I’ve booked in the doctor on Tuesday. Just looking for some reassurance really this isn’t anything cancerous, obviously we can’t know until I go to the doctors 

Hi I’m really sorry you are having to go through this.You would have thought such a recent CT scan would pick up something if your lump is so large although as you say only a medic who knows what they are looking for can say for sure . Most breast lumps particularly in young women are not cancer and if you have a look at the other threads in this section you will find lots of people sharing the fact that after investigation their lump was found to benign . Best of luck x