26 Possible fibroadenoma but anxious

Hi I dont know if anyone can give me more information/out my mind at ease but I’m getting really anxious.

I’m 26 Female- no BC history in my family. On wednesday I saw my GP who confirmed the lump which to me feels small hard and round.

My GP said “I’m pretty confident its a fibroadenoma. 5-10 years ago I would have sent you home confident in my diagnosis and that would be the end of the matter…however due to declining confidence in GPs its now necessary to have everything of this nature triple assesed” He said he would refer me for an urgent appointment at the Breast clinic (urgent to prevent the undue stress that would come from waiting 1-2 months for a routine appointment)I’m still awaiting a letter from the hospital so not sure as yet exactly when my appointment will be- everything the GP said should have made me relaxed but the waiting is making me anxious- I’m getting married in September and intend to start a family straight away and now I feel like there could be a question mark over my future.

I’m also uncertain as to what actually happens at the hospital/length of wait for results etc I cant bear the waiting its driving me insane!

Sorry for the ramblings any advice/reassurance/info greatly received!

Hi mich1982

Firstly, welcome to our forums, I hope you find them helpful and supportive.

It is perfectly normal to feel anxious about your referral. I am sure you will receive lots of information about the referral from other users, but in the meantime, I have posted here the link to our factsheet on the subject:


This can be either ordered or downloaded from the site. I do hope you find it useful.

Kind regards.


Hi Mich1983

I saw your post and wanted to reply as my situation sounds similar to yours.
Like you, I am 26 and went to the doctors a few weeks ago with a hard lump. I was referred to a rapid access clinic and had an appointment within three weeks. The waiting was by far the worst part, and like you, I felt pretty anxious.
At my appointment I had an examination which was similar to the one the doctor did, followed by an ultrasound scan which I think is more usual for younger women than mammograms. The ultrasound was painless and quick. From the ultrasound, they thought the lump was probably benign but to make sure, they did a core biopsy. This was a bit sore and bruised afterwards but nothing too bad. Within three days, I went back for the results and was relieved to hear it is a benign fibroadenoma.
The nurses at the hospital were lovely and explained everything fully. I think length of results can vary hospital to hospital - as can what tests you have done.
I’m still logging on here now and then as I was talking to a lady before I had my diagnosis and she is still waiting for hers. I wish you the best of luck with it all, and try not to worry too much - being in your twenties is a big plus to start with.

Take care
Caz xx

Thanks Caz you have made me feel a lot more reassured! My GP was so blaze and basicly implied the only reason I was having further tests was because of “the blame culture” we live in?!

Its just frustrating with the weekend approaching tat I’m no nearer to getting an appointment date- I feel like I’ve got no controkl over the situation where as if I at least knew what was going on/when it would alieviate it slightly!

I’ve researched the subject tirelessly (probably not wisely) and it feels like what you described and how all the websites describe a fibroadenoma.

I’m hoping to start a family in the near future and the idea that something might stop me is terrifying.

sorry for rambling thank for letting me vent!

I feel terrible for complaining when I’ve no idea if there’s even anything wrong at all but I’m coping really badly with the waiting and worrying- so far I’ve (in my head) pretty much written off my whole future hope of a family, my wedding I keep bursting into tears my poor OH doesnt know what to do or what to say - I keep reading and re reading facts on fibroadenomas and should be reassured by my DRs words but keep thinking “perhaps he said that so as not to have a hysterical woman on his hands”

I keep touching the lump and getting upset (all this and I don’t even have my appointment yet) I keep thinking “maybe this lumps nothing but he’ll find other things” my GP said I have very fibrous breasts but I dont really know how relevant/irrelavant that is or just an aside issue! I havent told anyone except my OH as dont want to worry anyone else for no reason!

To top it off my OH is having a colonoscopy tomorrow (to treat some piles and remove some polyps) and I’m panicking about this as well.

Sorry I must sound hysterical just need to get it out!

In 2003, whilst still breastfeeding, (and aged 43), I had a fibroadenoma removed. Upon FNA, they told me immediately what it was and that it was benign.
A month ago, I found a huge 5cm hard ball in my left breast, went quickly through the rapid assessment clinic, and came out as a “3” this time, as they were unsure to what it was.
I had a core biopsy, waited an agonising 10 days for the result, and was told last Friday that it was another fibro, which they has not suspected, due to being rare at my age (now 50).
Anyway, slot available in theatre list tomorrow, so they’re taking it out.
Very scary process, especially when the word “borderline” was used all the time.
Don’t know how I never felt this massive lump - just noticed it through PNT and period tenderness.
This time tomorrow, it will be gone, but not without having first been scared almost senseless by this “borderline” comment, etc

Hi Mich

This is strange … I was posting very similar comments to your own “I feel a Fraud” “Im probably wasting peoples time” “Im going on and on about something that may not even exist” … all the time feeling guilty when there are so many people on here who have had their diagnosis and are now having to cope with treatment … BUT !!! lots of people came back to me and told me not to be silly, or feel a fraud or any of those things … and do you know ? they are right … the doubts, concerns, worries and anxiety that finding a lump or something else can put in your mind is awful … and until someone finally gives you the results you wont be completeley settled … its a natural reaction.
Having said that try to keep in mind that the majority of lumps do turn out to be benign - and everyone will keep their fingers and toes crossed for you that you get good news in the end.

In the meantime rant and rave as much as you like - I do and Ive been waiting bloody weeks now!!!

Rant over - take good care
Sue xxxxx

Thanks Sue!! Glad to know I’m not alone- it must be so hard for you in a completely different system as well! I keep calling the hospital to try and speak to the consultants secretary to at least get a date for appointment but no joy so far- dont think I can live like this for another week maybe 2 (I’m a bit of a hypochondriac anyway so not coping well!)

I feel like I@m living in a fog just going through the motions when I should be making the most of everything.

Fingers crossed I get somewhere today!

Good luck to you too



Thanks Mich - I have just this minute put the phone down on the hospital - they have now told me to call at the end of the week if I dont hear from them again … she actually told me to stay calm as given I have waited almost 5 weeks its “probably good news” … they appear to have no comprehension of how stressfull this is - it looks like I will get good news in the end and of course that will be brilliant - but until I get to see someone who can actually give me the results I wont be able to settle - also the lump is still there so I need to know what it is and what happens next if anything. I dont think being a hypochondriac is the issue … it is such a potentially scary diagnosis that until we hear otherwise we will constantly worry and be scared … I think its normal for you and me and everyone else to want results asap…and answers.

Hope you get through to someone soon and you get good news at the end of all this,

Take good care
Sue xxxxxxxxxx

Thanks Sue,

Unfortunately after speaking with the hospital they still havent received the referral from my GP (although I have received a letter from my GP today informing me I have been referred) The lady was really nice and said she would call my GP and ask them to fax over info. she said this would be graded for urgency (apparently despite what my GP may say the hospital have their own urgency scales and because of my age its unlikely to be classed as urgent- I think given that my GP was pretty confident it was a fibroademoa thats going to decrease the urgency even further) she has said she will call me tomorrow and my age is on my side which is something but I just burst into tears my OH bless him doesnt know what to do I cant cope like this for several more weeks I’m going doolally as it is and this is just for an appointment!

Can I join in with your frustrations today please ladies?
The waiting is driving me crazy and it would be so much more bearable if the lines of communication were at least open from a direction other than me having to make contact all the time. I think I have been unlucky hearing about the experiences of some other people who are being treated at the same hospital but that doesn’t help me. I am trying so hard not to be upset but have spent the last hour in tears after speaking to one of the BCN at the hospital. I am waiting for the results of my lumpectomy and removeal of nodes which is 2 weeks tomorrow - and I havent even got an appointment yet although I was originally told 2 weeks after op. I had no contact with either of my BCN while in hospital and phoned them several days after leaving and was promised a call with an appointment today. Gave up waiting and called them this afternoon to be told not till at least next week. Chief Dr not in - I was promised he would be in today. He has been off since my diagnosis so I havent even met him. The BCN have apologised last week and today for the treatment I have had so far but it hasn’t got any better. I am devastated as I am now convinced that if it was good news they would tell me over the phone to stop me worrying. Help! I have now been told I will get a call tomorrow and I am at the stage that just getting a call returned when promised will be wonderful and that’s just sad. Sorry - rant over.
Sue - I really feel for you. Even though you know people wait for longer in Spain the emotional turmoil while waiting is horrendous. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you that no news is indeed good news. I feel that cancer or potential cancer patients should be treated by someone who has experience of the disease so they have a bit more understanding of what patients are going through.
Michelle - all the best to you as well. I hope you get a date for an appointment soon. Its so annoying when you are trusting other people to do their best for you and for whatever reason answers, results or appointments are not forthcoming.
Wish I was at your hospital Caz.

Best Wishes to all. LooLoo x

Hi LooLoo and thanks hope you get some response soon!! I was told by the hospital “even if we’d received the letter it would have to go through our post room then get logged which all takes time…” In this day and age I cant understand why the systems are so archaic (sp)!

I think its torturous being made to wait around like this- hopefully I will be lucky but I will only know that when they tell me until then its so uncertain and I cant relax. The lasy at the hospital said “your age is on your side” which was her trying to reassuring but it wasnt really! I’m just wallowing in self pity and ranting all the time!

Good luck LooLoo and Sue on getting some good news


Hi Looloo - I am running out of comforting words to say to all ladies who continue to go through this waiting game - there are only so many times someone can tell you no news “is” good news. I really do empathise with everything you have said - and your situation I feel is worse than mine, because Im fretting about something thay may not even be there - while you are trying to cope with surgery, mroe tests and more results …

And Mich - I totally agree that it seems easy for someone else to tell you “age in on your side” etc … it doesnt really help as another day goes by without anyone giving you a 100% confirmation that everything is ok.

My husband said last night that I should focus on it being good news - because the lead up to the initial appointment, the mammo, ultrasound and biopsy we are done pretty quickly (that caused me to panic given the speed the pushed me through each test when initially I was only booked for a mammo)- therefore he said it should follow they would tell me “bad news” pretty much straight away - and he is probably right - but 5 weeks is absolutely disgusting in my view.

OK ranting over once again - must get some work done!

Take care ladies, fingers crossed we all hear something in the next day or so and that its all good stuff.

Sue xxxx

One of my BCN rang me this morning as promised. I hope this is the turning point for me and everything will now go more smoothly. I don’t have an appointment yet but she kindly put me out of my misery as far as the results are concerned. I can’t remember everything she told me as I have been in such a state since yesterday but I do remember that the margins are clear and no lymph nodes were positive.
Obviously very relieved and now feel I can wait more patiently for an actual appointment to see what happens next :slight_smile:
Sue and Mich. Thank you both for your support. It’s amazing how just a 2 minute phone call can change so much for so many people and make their day so much better. That 2 minute call gave me the best news I have had since finding the problem with my breast and my family and friends are so relieved. I hope you get your results soon Sue and that they are good as they are expected to be. As you say you need to hear it to REALLY believe it despite what they have told you. Mich, I hope the post or telephone brings you the news of when your appointment is today. Thinking of you both. Best Wishes. LooLoo x x

Oh good news LooLoo! I hope I’ll find something out today too! My OH has been looking into me getting the tests done privately but its soooo expensive but we’ve got a wedding to pay for (all being well).

good luck today to you too Sue fingers crossed!

Thankfully the Hospital have called me and squeezed me in for an appointment on Thurday because of how anxious I am (I think it must be very obvious!!)apparently according to the letter from my Doctor it would have been likely to have had an appointment in 2-4 weeks So hopefully I will at least have some idea of what is going on and hopefully all will be well.

Really good news Looloo - glad you finally got someone to talk to. One less thing to worry about !!!

Take care and hope this means you have a better week with less worrying.
Sue x

That is great news Mich, I am so pleased for you. You must be relieved.
Thanks Sue, I have just called the BCN back now I am in a fit state to talk to her and thanked her for ringing me as promised and so early in the day. I also asked her to repeat it all for me to make sure I took it in this time! She expects that I will only need radiotherapy and Tamoxifen which I am already taking so I couldn’t have hoped for better news. I hope you will soon be joining me with the good news x x

Hi Mich. I’m also 26 and found a small, round hard lump. I have an appointment on Friday for tests. I am also extremely anxious. I think the hardest part is the wait as i keep going through different scenarios in my head. I know i need to stay positive but at the same time i think its important to prepare for the worse so that its not a complete shock. Does that sound stupid?

I am also going away on that friday night for a hen week end so at least it’ll take my mind off it. Seeing as a few people have been reading this thread, does anyone know if they do a biopsy, will i be ok to fly? Just thinking of swelling.


Hi Rookie82

Think you should phone and ask whether you will be having a biopsy, as I was told to rest for 24 hours after my biopsy cos of risk of internal bleeding.
Good luck