27years old and really worried.

hi in 27 years old and have 2 children, my ds is now 5 and i breastfed him for a year, and my dd is 1 and i am still breastfeeding her ( teying to wean her off).
a few weeks ago i noticed i had pain in my left breast and armpit so i stopped feeding on that breast thinking it needed a rest. but the pain continued like a dull ache so i went to my gp who did a breast exam and she found a lump and also noticed that the left breast was considerably larger then the right breast.
she gave me antibiotics to rule out infection and iv got to go back this wednesday but the antibiotics havent made a difference at all and iv been on them nearly two weeks and iv had infections before and they are completely different to what im experiencing now!

iam so worried about this and cant get it out of my head i just need some advice can people as young as myself get breast cancer?? am i beingsilly for worrying??

thanks Kerry xx

Dear Kerry

Welcome to the BCC Forum. I am sure other members will soon be along to offer you support.

You could also give our helpline a call to talk things over. They’ll be able to offer you information and support. They are open from 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. The number is 0808 800 6000. Calls are free and confidential.

Take care

Very best wishes


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Thank you Janet i will xx

I can’t really help, but wanted to show support. Younger women DO get BC, but please remember 9 out of 10 lumps turn out to be something benign. Try not to worry (easier said than done, I know) because that wont change anything. Be glad it’s being investigated, so whatever it is can be sorted.

Good Luck. You’ve come to the right place for advice, information and support. xx

Thank you JCJ, im just a little freaked out because when i went to the gp i hadnt felt a lump but she found it. and now its all i can think about , hopefully its nothing but its the waiting thats getting to me i just want to know what it is xx

just wanted to say hello and here to listen should you need to rant, at least the gp worked quickly and referred you, try to take it easy I know with children that not easy.
From 1 mum to another keep us postedXX

Hi shelly thank you i will keep you all posted praying im worrying for nothing xx

Hi Kelbel
It could just be a blocked milk duct since you have been breast feeding. The antibiotics may not have worked as there may be no infection there. These boobs of ours!!! I hope the news is good for you and we will be here for you if you need to chat. As already mentioned you have had it looked at quickly and that is the best thing you can do. The waiting is the hardest part I know but whatever happens you will deal with it. I am 37 next week and have a little boy of nearly 4 and currently nearing the end of my chemo. So I know how you worry and look at your kids holding back the tears. Please do let us all know how you get on.
Take care

thanks Mandy im sorry to hear that you have it hope your ok, hopefully thats all it is and i can laugh at myself for being so silly i cant help but worry because iv not had anything like this before and i know breast feeding mums are less likely to get it but some do and i think its just scared me thats all and ever since iv had kids my main worry is what would they do without me, i think im just a bit shocked and finding it all bit overwhelming and i feel a but silly as not been told anything yet but still worrying :frowning: thank you all for your support will keep you posted xx

Your not being silly it’s normal to feel the way your feeling, bt remember your not alone on here and the support is always here, I am 33 and have posted separatly about my problems, but I can say I have days while waiting that you can handle it and others when you think you’ll go crazy with worry…all I can advise is take each day as it comes.
Thinking of you in this crazy waiting room!
Sending hugsxx

Hi kelbel i went to the doctors yesterday with a dull ache and like you i couldnt feel a lump but being large up top its hard to tell! My gp found a lump straight away and within 10 minutes from leaving the doctors surgery i got a phone call from the hospital and im booked in to see a breast consultant on the 21st. I have 3 children age 8,7 and 20 months and like yourself im scared my mum had breast cancer when she passed away at age 41 and i know from experience how hard it was growing up without my mum especially on my wedding day and i cry away from the kids as i cant help thinking what if! if you need anyone to talk to you know where i am as i know exactly how your feeling. do you have a date yet for your appointment?
Wishing you all the luck its nothing serious xx

i just wanted to let you all know iv got my appt for the breast clinic its on the 27th of november i had another breast examination and the lump has grown so just waiting now fingers crossed it all gets sorted :)thank you all for replying and showing support xx

Good luck and let us know how you get on.xx

Good luck for appointment. xxxx