28 and diagnosed with secondary bone mets

Hello I’m new here and would be nice to talk to people who are going though this too, so here is my story… at 24 in 2015 I were diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer had a mastectomy and full lymph nodes removal plus 6 rounds of chemo and loads of radiotherapy then put onto tamoxifen once in remission I found out I had the Brca 2 gene. In 2017 I found another lump very close to where I had my radio turned out the be cancer again so had that removed then another 6 rounds of chemo, 30 radiotherapy and started on letrozole all seemed good but then a month ago I started with really bad back pain so had a scan which showed the cancer had spread to my spine and pelvis I’m absolutely devastated and so scared I’m not going to see my children grow up I have a 9 year old and a 5 year old who also has autism! The cancer is hormone grown yet the hormone tablets haven’t worked in keeping it away?? I really don’t understand all of this ??

Also my doctor wants me to go onto a trial in leeds called the lucy trial! As anyone heard of this? Xx

Hello kirsty
Welcome to our forum. .a place you would prefer not to be but hey hoo …we are all real people here feeling your worry and anxiety.
Until your treatment plan is in place you will in limbo with everything and feel the hospital is your new home with so many appointments to make!
Hormone tablets can work for a long time for some but short time for others …I was lucky that letrozole worked for 3 years for me but then failed so I am on a daily chemo pills now which is fine.
Because you are so young I think you will get the very latest treatment regimes. .trials or normal so just trust your oncologist to pull out something special from his magic bag !
Please keep in touch with us …we can offer support to you in this dark place. .xxxxx

Dear Kirsty I feel for you. I hope you are given a proper plan soon. It will help you feel better. Such a tricky time. There are a lot of very experienced ladies on this forum. Best wishes Anne

Thankyou ladies I’m trying to get my head around everything to be fair! When I had it first time round my kids dad partner of 10 years decided to leave me and kids for another woman which completely broke me and left me with 0 confidence… but only 6 months ago I’ve found a man who’s is just great, I finally felt like I could be happy again he even knows about the only having one bit haha but still likes me for me and then bang this happens… I’ve got an appointment at Leeds hospital about this lucy trial that my doc wants me to go on but it’s very much mixed emotions from me but I have to give everything a go xx

Thankyou kate21 like you have all said I will start feeling better when I’ve got a plan. I’m off to Leeds today to see a professer about the trial… will let you all know how it goes later ??? xx

Hello to everybody here .Dear Kirstylizzy I know how you feel and I know women like us stronger then any man and I know GOD will see you have kids of course he has good plan for you . Just think postive and say yourself I did , I will and I will WIN the cancer.

 Im from Russia , had cancer treatment in 2015 in UK .Other day I had ultrasoud .looks like i have secondary breast cancer . I have been told to speak asap to my consultant in UK . I will see her on 06 December  and untill i see her i know i can not sleep and can not do anything . My ex was English he left me when i had first time cancer … not strong ;)))