29, pregnant and waiting for biopsy results

Hi everybody I have been reading the forums for a few days and found you to be all so wonderful. As the subject says I am 29 and currently 13 weeks pregnant. I have always had a problematic right breast and been back and forth over the years with a fibrocystic breast. I last had an US 10 months ago. I have since felt thickening in my breast and was instantly referred to be seen. I have had a biopsy taken and also FNA in enlarged lymph node. I feel like I have resigned myself to bad news. I am struggling to eat, sleep and function and I still have to wait until Wednesday for results. Just after a little bit of hand holding really as I know you all understand what I am going through xxx



Well if you want hand holding you will get it in bucket loads on here my dear xxx


We all know exactly what you are going through but you have the added thing of being pregnant, there was another lady on here only this past week or so who had a lump and also found out she was pregnant shortly afterwards, it has turned out the the lump is hormonal, so everything crossed that will be the same with you.


One thing to remember is that not all lumps are cancerous, rhere are a lot of other breast conditions that it could be and it could be that it is the same with you in that it is hormonal because of your pregnancy.


Try to do something to take your mind off getting your results and I know how easy that sounds and how difficult it is to do.  You really do need to eat, try just having small snacks throughout the day which might be better than a proper meal.


Let us know how you get on.  Sending you a virtual hug too.


Helena xxx

Thank you so much for your reply. I am so grateful. I am trying to be optimistic but the enlarged node is terrifying me. The consultant said she had concerns and of course that has just sent me into an utter tail spin of epic proportion. I have lost nearly a stone in weight with worry and it’s so hard as I know I can’t do this to myself or the baby. I am just trying to eat a bowl of soup as I type. Of course I will certainly keep in touch regarding results xxxxx

I am Helena, I am taking my lovely husband and mum who are both besides themselves with worry. I am frantically wishing the days away and then being absolutely petrified of making my legs move into that room. It’s lovely to know that you wonderful ladies all totally relate. I have found this such a comforting place to be xxx

Helena sorry to hear about your diagnosis but I hope you’re doing well. It just feels like such a wonderful community of people. I find myself lost in posts for hours but it’s just so reassuring so see I am by no means alone in this terrifying journey xxxx

That’s wonderful to hear Helena. I am sure work has offered you a welcome distraction and some normality which is always a good thing. Hope all goes well when you are back full time next week. You sound like you’re doing great xxxx

Hi SP87, i am waiting for results this week too. I just read your post, we all understand how you are feeling and you have the added challenge of being pregnant. I really hope all turns out ok. Either way everyone is hrre for you.

Best wishes.


Thank you so much Poppyfields. I just feel like I am going through the motions each and every day. I am petrified it has spread through my body and I am going to be told horrendous news. I feel like the rug has been well and truly pulled from under me. To go from being elated about our much wanted pregnancy to this.

I really hope your results go well this week. I will be thinking of you and will of course keep you in my prayers xxxx

I will be thinking of you tmw. Please let us know how you get on.
Best wishes… Xx