29 with HR+/HER2-


So i’m 29 and diagnosed with grade 2 invasive ductal HR positive HER negative 2 weeks ago. Planned for mastectomy on 17th and then chemo+/-radiotherapy after that.

Hoping there are some more people out there like me who are going through/have been through this. I’m really struggling with the waiting and anxiety. On top of all this my wedding is in 6 weeks (so far going ahead), and also deciding whether to go ahead with egg freezing (don’t want to delay chemo). Feeling utterly overwhelmed!

Thank you xx


Hey @hippohippo, I feel like I could have written pretty much this exact same post in May (apart from the Wedding part! X). I’m 29 and was diagnosed with HR+/HER2- grade 3 IDC in May this year. The waiting for treatment to start is the worst part (well it was for me) so please don’t worry about feeling anxious, it’s completely understandable. My breast care nurse explained to me that once you are on the ‘treatment train’ things get alot easier to manage and she was right, they really look after you. I had chemo first, so I haven’t had my operation yet - I have 4/5 weeks of chemo left. I also had the dilemma of whether to freeze my eggs or not, this is such a personal decision - I didn’t freeze them in the end as I was anxious to start treatment as soon as possible. However, I am single and your situation is different - my oncologist said it wouldn’t have a negative outcome if I wanted to wait the 3ish weeks for egg freezing before starting. I am having Zoladex injections throughout chemo which are meant to protect the ovaries. Make sure you push for genetic testing (if you want to know) to see if you have a mutation which could have caused your cancer (sometimes they don’t offer it automatically), this can help with planning in the future. I found lots of other younger women sharing their stories on Instagram helped me. I also signed up to the someone like me service and had a girl who had a very similar cancer at my age call me and talk me through everything which I found really reassuring.

Just know, whilst this process is daunting and scary at the start, you aren’t alone and the doctors/nurses have seen it all before and will take good care of you. Happy to chat further if you have anymore questions X


Hi @Jess_1 thank you for replying. I think you’re right the waiting is totally the worst part and just not having all the info is making my head spiral! It’s good to know there’s other people like me out there and all your tips are really useful thank you xx