29 yr manchester area

Hi is there any youner ladies in the manchester area attending The Christie for treatment???

Just bupming this to see if there are any Manchester ladies out there.

Kind regards.

Louise, Facilitator

Hiya. I’m 33 and was diagnosed last April (2011). Technically I’m under the Christie and was actually there on Thursday (all good news :slight_smile: ), but I was lucky I was able to have my chemo locally at Wigan. I have just come to the end of my treatment (if you don’t count the tamoxifen!), but still around for chats and support in any way i can help.
Paula. xxx

Hi, I’m 2 years post treatment. I met a bunch of younger women from the Manchester area at the BCC younger women’s forum, after my treatment had finished. We’ve stayed friends and have a closed Facebook group. From chatting to each other it became abundantly clear that there was a gap in the help given to younger women by the local hospitals. None of us had been linked in with other young women in the area who were going through what we were at the time. However, when we met after treatment we soon realised that we’d only been a ten minute drive away from each other and was going through the same thing at the same time. How different it would have been to be Linked with each other, and others, earlier, rather than feeling so isolated as the odd one out amongst the older ladies in the waiting room. We’ve just set up a facebook page called “manchester younger women’s breast cancer network”, which we hope will serve to show local girls that they are not alone or freakoids or isolated, and that there are other young women going through this, living round the corner, right now. It’s new, there’s not many people on it, but it’s got to start somewhere. Come join us if you want xxx

Hi, I’m currently having chemo had 6doses upto now two more to go :-/ … I live in the Manchester area much the same as Paula I’m under christies but having my chemo at Wigan would love to join you on Facebook :slight_smile: x

Tors Thank you for your post, i would like to join the facebook page. I do feel the odd one out when i go to the The Christie being younger. I have found this website helpful but would like to talk further with ladies similar to myself.
Paula and Michelle thanks for your messages, how have you managed through the treatment??? my first one wasn’t as bad as i thought, i seem to have been lucky not suffering my side effects apart frim my hair starting to fall out. I worry about the next five and my future chances fir a family folliwing treatment.

Hi Jenxroch, the treatments been tough going but doable I found the EC a liitle more kinder on me than the TAX as been but you get through it best you can I would say I start to come round a week before my next treatment begins, was gutted when I lost my hair & still am if I’m being honest but it’s started to grow back after my 4th chemo just hope keeps on growing :slight_smile: feel free to pm me if you want to chat at anytime :slight_smile: … I’m 42 started my journey in June xx

Hi everyone, the Facebook page is a new idea but I’m trying my best with it. There is a public page called “Manchester Younger Women’s Breast Cancer Network” which you can visit and like, or talk on. I have then set up a secret group which is somewhere you can chat and belong in private, nobody outside of the group will see your posts, or even know you belong. There is the group of girls who all finished treatment a year or two ago already on there, mostly local but a few from further afield. We all met via breast cancer care. The normal cyber safety rules apply of course. Come and find us on Facebook. If you like that main page and want to chat, I will add you as a member of the private group. Come find us!

Hi Tors, can you please send me the link unable to find xx

Hi Michelle :slight_smile: Do You live in Wigan then? The staff on the cancer care at Wigan are just fantastic aren’t they. 3 weeks ago today was my final Herceptin, so today was the first time I missed my 3 weekly catch up with all of them. I’m looking to go back as a volunteer but going to wait a while because I think there needs to be a gap between me attending as a patient and as a volunteer.
I found the hairloss hard because I was a proud redhead before and people knew me for my hair, if you know what I mean. That was the one thing I received compliments about. It’s now grown back a different colour. I’m pining for my ginger :stuck_out_tongue:
Jenxroch, I had 4 EC and 4 Tax. I found the nausea really bad on the EC to begin with, but after telling the team at Wigan I got my anti sickness drugs chanegd and that helped massively. Always tell them and see if they can make anything better. Don’t suffer more than you have to.
I actually took a break from here during chemo, because I’d read so much bad stuff about Tax that I was literally petrified! I started having reiki and hypnotherapy because it was stressing me out so much. I didn’t want to go into it with pre conceived ideas. I wanted to be able to just relax into it and take it as it came. I can’t tell you if either worked because I obviously don’t know how I would have reacted to the Tax without them, but i did look forward to the sessions and they were so relaxing.
Anyway, I had the Tax and actually found that easier than the EC. I didn’t have the nausea, and while I had some achiness (which could have been partially due to the neulasta jab rather than the Tax alone) it was entirely bearable.
Apologies if I have waffled. Chemo brain has well and truly struck! xxx


That’s the link to the page Michelle. :slight_smile:

Thank you xx

Hi Mads79, yeah I live in Leigh near Wigan how about you ? I had the same as you EC x4 currently having Tax x4 had two due for my next the 31st Oct… They are lovely at Wigan I have to say i have had side effects with both chemo doses but it is doable, Im the same as you it has been so hard coming to terms with the image change I still haven’t excepted it I hate looking at my self in the mirror my hair was my pride & joy i can’t help it it’s all been such a emotinel roller coaster but I know it’s all going to be worth going through in the end :slight_smile: … I would love to become a volunteer when I’ve finish my treatment ( chemo& Rads) I’m goin to look into it … Oh plus I have the tablets for 5 years boo

I feel incredibly blessed to have had such wonderful people looking after and supporting me through it from the start. :slight_smile: Missing Karen’s singing and the banter between everyone, and Jason taking stick when all the women gang up on him. Lol. After 15 months of going it was weird not to today.
Are you having your radio at Salford Michelle? The people there were amazing too. So reassuring. :slight_smile:
Paula x

Haha yeah they do pick on him but he loves all the attention, he’s given me all my chemo all the way through … I have my appointment tomorrow about my rads so I’m hoping I go to Salford, how long after your chemo do you start rads ?

It was about 10 weeks after my final chemo that I started radio, but I don’t know if that was delayed slightly by the Christmas/New Year break. I had my final chemo on 13th December and started radio at the beginning of March.

Really that’s a long gap my last chemo will be 21st November , I was wondering if I would have the rds before Xmas,iI believe you still will need at least a three break after your chemo to start feeling normal again before you start rads ( if that’s possible)… How are you are you back at work or a full time mum?

I think they said it’s usually around 6 weeks, so I bet you’ll probably be looking at the new Year for starting rads. It’s a nice time to be finishing at the end of Nov, to give yourself a bit of time to build your strength and then enjoy Christmas :slight_smile:
Before this all started I worked 3 days a week. When I returned to work I dropped another day so down to just the 2 now. I’m working on dropping those too :stuck_out_tongue: lol.

I don’t bame you :slight_smile: … Before this I was wrking full time plus traveling to Rochdale every day not sure what I’m going to do yet as i have got a very stressfull job not sure I can see me going back to meetings every week & getting a hard time over sales figures ( I am Dept Manager) this happening makes you think what’s important & what’s not …,

Hi Ladies,
Hair has been shaved off today, I couldn’t stand to see it falling out and need to get used to myself with very little to no hair. Michelle like you it was my pride and joy and don’t think i could emtionally cope with it falling out in handfulls.
Even so early on in my treatment i am also thinking about work and what i am going to do when i am better!! I am a manger of a children’s home for teenagers with Autism and other complex learing difficulties so it can be extremely stressfull. I too travel, from Rochdale to Cheadle which is an extra 2 hours on my day. Michelle, i agree that something like this makes you re evaluate what is important in life…Mads you seem to have the right idea!!! lol