2D versus 3D mammogram

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I was reading up on Google news , and came across this below, which now gives me concerns as my local hospital only has 2D mammograms, so in future I’m going to ask to be referred to Poole in Dorset our nearest 3D scanner as every percentage in my opinion counts, hope this helps some others.

A recent study found that 3D mammography used in conjunction with traditional mammography detected 80 percent of cancer cases, while traditional mammography alone detected 59 percent. 3D mammography provides detection accuracy that traditional mammography alone can’t.

/ https://www.nm.org/healthy-tips

How 3D Mammography Improves Breast Cancer Detection



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Yes. This has become the standard mode of monitoring in the US and you definitely should seek it out if you can. It’s what is responsible for the detection of my grade 3 tumor. It was not palpable and I had such dense, large breasts I doubt it would have been detectable in a 2D mammogram either.

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I suspect this may be a thing. When I started having my screening mammograms at 50 I kept being recalled which was a worry. They always had another look then sent me on my way. Unfortunately 5 years later I was diagnosed with BC as they found tiny microcalcifications. I asked why they hadn’t been spotted before and the response from my local BC clinic was that it was probably because they had new and more accurate scanners! I’m glad it was found obviously but I did wonder if things had been missed.

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