2nd annual mammo - not recalled!!!

Ooooh, had to phone up PIFU (Patient Initiated Follow up) as hadn’t heard about my 2nd annual mammo, due early April. Last year, for my first, heard on 1st March for 6 April appointment.  Didn’t get a call back within 3 days, so just phoned again.  I wasn’t on the system!!! Aaarerghghghgh. Have now been put back on the system, and have an appointment for 4 April. Phew. Just really wanted to let you know that don’t always assume you will hear next appointment - chase them up…  Keeping my fingers crossed now. :cathappy:xxx

Hi Ruby,

At my first annual mammo, the radiographer did say to always contact the service if you don’t receive an appointment. I was also given the relevant phone nos. 

Thank goodness you got in contact when you did, these things do happen & nothing is infallible. 

ann x