2nd blip the last few days..

Went for my 4th chemo today…finished FECx3…now Docetaxelx3…am frightented of the other side effects I might get now…

My bloods were low…and they forgot to give me the day befores chemo anti emetics…!!! Am all bruised, and my L arm where my FEC was gicen is all inflamed the last week or so…

My 4th chemo was not given today:(((

As you know, you get your mind set up for the day of chemo…and the days ahead…now all my dates are to change for the next 2 cycles…

Am upset tonight, but glad I can chill out too!!

I panic, when they say I cant get my chemo, and think the worse…I hope this is common to others through chemo…or just me…the nurse said its common…

Awaiting ward phn call, to as they said…FIT ME IN AGAIN!!

Another wee blip

Am so sorry to hear of your delay 8-(. I am due Tax after 3 FEC too. I am also worried about SE’s. They have to be cautious with white cell counts etc, and it’s better they are sure that you are strong enough to handle it.
My arm is very sore too, it’s the E bit that is harsh on the veins.
I am sure you will be back on track soon
let me know how you get on x