2nd chemo

I had my second chemo last thurs i felt i did well with my first one ,second one as really hit me hard i have been in bed on and off all week feeling very spaced and very tired and had about 6 hrs sleep in a week , anyone else feeling the same Marysiax

Hi , everyone out there im really feeling worse on my second chemo, and suffering with a sore throatand very tearful, and just not coping very well at all , i did send a thread last week and no one came back to me ,is there anyone who are feeling the same?.Marysia.

Hi Marysia,
sorry you had no feed back from last thread.
Each chemo can do different things to you. Which one are you on? I had 3 x act and will be having my 2nd tax on thursday.
With act the 1st 10 days were the worse, Horrible taste in mouth, struggled to eat/drink, no energy, tearful at times (maybe that was just the situation) and tax has its own set of side effects (s/e) am not looking foreward to 2nd on thurs.
The steroids that they give you for anti sickness for the 1st few days, dont take the 2nd dose too late as apparently they can affect your sleep. I took my last lot about 4 in the afternoon.

Am concerned about your sore throat, it is important that you take your temperature when this happens, if it is above 37.5 you must ring your bc clinic and let them know as your body cannot fight infections. If temp ok then try to drink as much as you can even if eating is out of the question. Manuka honey is good for the mouth and infections, can be bought at some supermarkets or health food shops, just a bit expensive, apparently it can heal cuts too. I have got some Difflam in for sore throats/mouth but not used it yet, perhaps that may help. Is there any1 who can go get some of these for you?

Rest and rest if you need to, everything else can wait.
take care

Chris x

Hi there

I haven’t had my second chemo yet so no clue how it’s going to hit me. Just wanted to post to you to say that I have a bit of a sore throat, too, so I feel for you. I am completely psycho b1tch from Hell at the moment, very cross one moment, in tears the next. I even cried earlier at The Brotherhood of Man’s old song, “Save all your kisses for me”!!



Hi Cat,
as I have written above, check your temperature, have you got anything for your throat. Use something early (Difflam) before it gets worse

let the tears flow, good stress reliever and only natural, we have a lot to get our heads around but we will do it.

rest and rest again, everything else can wait,

best wishes
Chris x

Hi Dipstick and Cat, thank you for your imput, i am very grateful , i think everyone seems to be able to cope much better than me .
take care Marysia.x

I’m new to this website but iv just seen your thread and am keen to support you if i can… I will be having my second Epirubicin chemo a week on thurs so I’m only just behind you. I gather from this website that all the treatments are different and affect everyone differently. I just want to send you lots of love and strength to get through these horrible side effects. I thought i was doing storming after my horrible day 4 and 5 but was set back yesterday with a terrible head cold. I feel fine today which makes me think it wasn’t a cold at all just another bloody weird side effect… They really throw you don’t they? Hang in there girl and you can post for me next week when I’m feeling every bit as terrible as you are now… What a grim thought.

Who’s about to help you? Have you got your anti-sick meds, I reviewed mine to get better symptom control. Dipstick is right about the steroids… Iv read all over this website that taking them too late in the day causes sleep disturbance. keep posting

Hi Carmel, thanks for your thread, im not suffering sickness once over the 3 day steroids just sore throat runny nose, heartburn shaky legs you name it I have got it feeling a little better to day im off on thursday to stay with a friend and she gives me some tlc and then back on the following tuesday ready for my 3rd session on thurs. I hardly sleep how about you i must have had 10 hrs in 19 days i seem to dance around the bed all night good to talk, big hugs from me ,be kind to yourself i do try , but it does not seem to work for me best of luck on thursday Marysia xx

marysia, next time you need a quick response, put help in the thread title… I wonder if nobody responded because the title of this tread doesn’t shout loudly enough!!! Ill take that advice when im desperate next week and want everyone to know!!
Im so sorry to hear that you are not sleeping. I find that this website is stopping me quite frankly! (he he!)
Were you a bad sleeper before? If so then i don’t suppose chemo will improve things. If not then I wonder if you could ask your breast care nurse to get you some help with it. Where I live we have access to alternative therapy ( four or five sessions) massage or reflexology may help you. Im a big believer in relaxation but it takes practice… see if your nurse can advise you about a cd to help. What a great idea going to stay with your friend. I bet you sleep better when you feel better looked after. Im guessing you are alone?? .
Ill look at this thread tomorrow to makes sure you are still going in the right direction… keep posting …
goodnight and take care