2nd Chemo


new to this so please excuse any errors.
due to have blood test and ? after my 2nd FEC treatment was delayed due to low white cell recovery. I feel so well that I found it hard to believe. Having gone through it once with a only a 3 day ‘unwell’ period am now concerned that I shall get a longer and more intense side effects.Seems worse as I know what treatment to expect. And also to add to this hair has decided to fall - cut very short now but have some ‘thin’ areas. At least my wig is good. Dont know why but feel fairly low.

Hi Technician

I was lucky to not have a prob with bloods but a lot of peaople do. The chemo is designed to kill off fast dividing cells, which cancer is. The downside is that so are a lot of other cells, white blood cells included. It tends to come up again quite quickly and there is an injection they can give you which may help. Not suprised you are feeling down. Chemo is hell!

Julia xx

chemo is crap, and i have felt down for the last 10 days since fec2, though now feel like i am coming out of my chemo hole.Which part of your blood count was too low? IHad 5 injections after my first chemo to keep the white cells up, but went to hospital with throat infection on day 9 and my blods showed my white cells were too low at 0.8 which meant i was neutrophenic. ( means white cell count is below 1). Consultant has switched me to a different injection called neulasta which is just one jab. If you didn’t have the jabs, maybe you could? My bloods bounced backand white cells were 2.8 by time of second chemo by the way, so sould think you could have your chemo next week surely? Is a right kick i the guts though for you,



I’m currently on FEC and due to have my 3rd one on Wed.

Because I’m with private, automatically have Neulasta injection (mentioned by tors) from the start. It worked really well for me to keep my WBC count high (9.9 last time!), didn’t stop me getting an infection though after the 1st FEC! Also having slight problem with my haemoglobin level and coping badly with other side effects, too :frowning:

Have to see what happens next. Agreed to continue with a 25% reduction if continue to struggle.


Thanks for that- I have had my 2nd FEC yesterday - told my white blood cells had recovered. Have been put on a different dose (but they didn’t say what) and that everyone is different and could reoccur. Fingers crossed.Will request the jab you mention if it happens again…