2nd day after first chemo treatment with fect

Hi all , I am on day 2 after receiving my first treatment and I have been so scared as to how I will cope with side effects,I was given 2 anti sickness tablets like I was given in chemo suite before the first session given , but only on the first day after 5 hours did I have a headache and body ached and heartburn , now have woke up feeling ok on day two as just took anti sickness but my worry is am I under a false illusion that I am a lucky one or is the worst still to come ,any reply would be very appreciated x 

Hi Lindieloo, I am on TCH chemo regime so the side effects will be different to yours. A lot of people are ok and I would just go with the flow. If your feeling fine then that’s great. There may be days when you don’t feel brilliant but we all have those. Hopefully the good will outweigh the bad but try not to worry as everyone reacts differently. Sorry I can’t be much more help. Alison xx

Hi Lindlieloo,


It’s probably too soon to celebrate but as my side effects started pretty quickly after my first FEC so I would be cautiously optimistic in your position.


Did they give you any injections to do at home? If so, these come with their own timetable of side effects. 


That said, there is another critical time in your 3 weeks when things can happen. That’s the 2nd week when your immunity is really low. I ended up in hospital with an infection.


So, please take it easy. Try not to overdo things and keep away from foods/people that could spark an infection.


This is a time to look after yourself.


FEC I found was cumulative and for me they got worse on each cycle. The next part (Tax / Docetaxal) comes with it’s one toll of different side effects some of which can appear weeks later.


Sending you best wishes for an easy FEC!