2nd herceptin tomorrow

Off to Christiers for my second herceptin tomorrow afternoon. Slept allk way through loading dose but don’t think it’s as long this time, Felt very tired these last three weekss not sure if it’s the herceptin or not Love to all Eileen

Hello Eileen. I hope your cold is better.

When I had my second Herceptin they monitored me for 3 hours after the infusion so it wasn’t such a long day as the first. I certainly feel tired quite a lot of the time and I think it’s the Herceptin causing it.

Good luck tomorrow
Love Anthi

3 hours crikey thought it was only a short one going upstairs now to sort some embroidery out Anthi Love Eileen

Oh dear - well perhaps it won’t be the same in your hospital - they all seem to vary. Anyway at least you’ll have the embroidery with you just in case .
Take care
Love Anthi

hi there

Yes the 2nd one is still a long one and even now ive had quite a few im still in for a min of 2 hours from the start of the Herceptin till the end, the herceptin takes 30 mins and then they put saline through me for an hour and a half, this is because within this time your blood pressure can drop so they dont let you leave. It may be more relaxed at different hospitals but these nurses at mine will not let me go any earlier despite moaning constantly to let me go, ive now given up and behave like a good girl.

Good luck

i have had 12 herceptins now.

i have a small saline to start around 10minutes, then my herceptin take 1 hour 30minutes,
i then have another saline for 15/20 minutes.

i did ask about having treatment quicker , but my nurses said they can put the herceptin through
quicker but i’d still have to stay so i may as well have it over the hour & half.

apart from a slightly runny nose and tired the day of treatment, i’m fine with it.

Good luck with your 2nd one.

kim x

Hi everyone

I have only just realised I have a year on iv herceptin after chemo (three more to go) and rads, so starting at the end of this year or beginning of next. How is it? I think it is once every three weeks for about a year but the onc said NOTHING! It was the chemo nurses who warned me. I am a bit worried because my veins are already shot after three FEC and a week in hosppital with a raised temperature etc and all the cannulas that a hospital stay involves. With only one arm to use I am starting to think about it hard! How are you all doing? Are you finding side effects? I was hoping hard to get a new job next year. Will this really interfere, apart from the time out?

Any advice and experience welcome.

Much love to all


Hi everyone, my experience is the same as that of Homer, I guess different hospitals have different practices. Unlike the others I have not experienced any tiredness and always go back to work after treatment. The only side effect for me seems to be a weakening of the nails and some swelling of the lower legs and ankles. Everyone reacts differently to different drugs.

The worst part of the treatment for me is finding non-existent veins in which to insert the cannular. I feel like a pin cushion!

Maggie xx

Hi all,

I’ve had 6 infusions of Herceptin so far, another 11 to go. I am very lucky in that I am under 2 hospitals, one of which has funding for patients to have their Herceptin done at home by a private company. The nurse comes at 9.30 am and is finished by 11.30, then I am just able to get on with my day - it is fantastic as I was having to make a 50 mile round trip prior to this being set up for me. The hospital told me they only do the Herceptin patients who have really bad vein problems.

I find I have a runny nose for the rest of the day and into the following day, then it clears up. Other than that no tiredness or other side effects and my MUGA scans are good so I am very pleased about this as I spent 3 months practically bedridden with fatigue on Taxotere.

Hallo everyone

This is really encouraging - thank you so much for sharing your experience. I just worry aout my veins but doubtless we can sort that out once I get there.

Good luck to all and much love


Hi Dilys,

I have had herceptin now for nearly 3.5 years. The practice at the Royal Marsden is to give the infusion over 90mins. If your hospital fit portacaths it may well be worth talking to someone about having one. The are completely hidden under the skin on the chest wall (mine is couple of inches below collarbone on left side), and have nothing coming out of them unlike piccs or hickman lines. I don’t have any noticeable side effects though that is hard to be sure about as I am on bisphosphonate for bone mets and do get quite tired at times.


Dear Dawnhc

Thank you so much. Three and a half years though? That seems a really long time. Mind you the Royal Marsden is meant to be about as good as it can possbly get for cancer care, or always did have that reputation. I had read somewhere about portacaths, and they sound great. I know people at my chemo unit who have hickman lines, but will ask the oncologist about portacaths. I always had good veins but the recent constant battering of the one arm is taking its toll a bit now. Have you managed to keep working?

Thanks for posting, and love


Hi Dilys,

My veins gave up long ago - I needed 3 hickman lines over the years. For the past 5 years my veins have had to be accessed at least every 3 weeks and the only place left was the back of my left hand - so I asked for the portacath. It was fitted last October. The 3.5 years on herceptin is because I have secondaries and I have to say for me it has been the wonder drug. I have had bc for 17 years now - actually 17 years today since dx!. Even though I now collect my OAP :slight_smile: I am still working. But I am very fortunate in that my husband and I have our own business and we work from home so I have always had the luxury of doing as little or as much as I want.

I have put up photographs of my portacath in situ and the type of needle they use to access it on bcpals. I don’t know if you are a member there but if you do a search on portacath you will find the posts.


I’m on herceptin indefinitely and have had 13 months so far, but I’m finding it really easy. It takes a lot of time, but I haven’t had any problems with side effects, and am back at work as normal (although for me normal is just 3 days a week). My nails and hair are still rubbish, but I think that I’m just taking a long time to recover from the taxotere which finished 9 months ago. My veins are fine, but I’m able to have the herceptin in my right arm whereas I had the taxotere in my left arm (this was because I had chemo first, then a mastecomy). It looks as if the herceptin (at least in my case)has no effect on the veins and I can’t really pinpoint any other side effects which couldn’t simply be due to the fact that I’m a year older than when I started! So, all in all, I wouldn’t worry.

Hi Dawnhc

You sound as if you are doing wonderfully well. Good on you! I haven’t been on bcpals but will try later this weekend. I am definitlely asking about using something other than my right arm and hand. Can’t use the left because of axilliary clearance etc.

Isn’t the reappearanceof the sun today a minor miracle?


I have been having herceptin for almost a year! Just 3 more to go!! My first one took about three hours but from no. 2 onwards I have been in and out of hospital in about an hour!! I’ve been very fortunate to have no side effects apart from being a little more tired than I used to be. I have had a runny nose too but until I read some of the messages here I didn’t link it to the herceptin.

I hope it goes as well for you Dilys

Xx Xx Xx

hi everyone, im starting cmf tomor plus herceptin for 8 sessions every 3 weeks, then il have herceptin alone evey week for 12 months.
to those of you with bad veins i have same problem the trouble they have getting blood is a nightmare especialy when they can only use one arm, so im getting a port a cath put in tomor morning and it will stay in for the duration for treatment so maybe ye should enquire into that option…

did any of ye ever have chemo and herceptin together???

lots of love breda