2nd Lumpectomy awaiting results of Oncotype DX test

Hello to everyone

i was recently diagnosed with early stage ER positive breast cancer after a routine breast screening. I have had a lumpectomy 5 weeks ago and put in Letrozole when first diagnosed in April. Tomorrow brings another lumpectomy to remove some more tissue because margins in one part were not clear enough. The surgeon suggested the Oncotype test to determine whether I would benefit chemo as 1 out of the 4 lymph nodes removed showed cancer. I am awaiting results on that. I know if the result is low I won’t benefit from it but if the results are high then it will happen. What if the test comes back somewhere not that defined? Can anyone tell me of their experiences with the test? My prognosis looks good but it doesn’t stop me worrying. Thanks 

Hello Hennie, reading your story sounds a lot like what happened to me. Second op needed because margins weren’t clear enough and tissue sent for Oncotype test. Mine came back as a score of 11, so no chemotherapy recommended. I am 60 and post menopausal and presume you are too as Letrozole is only given to us older ladies (I think). I would say that trust your surgeon as he or she will be experienced in interpreting your score and what it means for you personally, so don’t worry about it being “undefined”. 

Good luck with your second op, I had mine 4 weeks after the first and found recovery was a bit more protracted (bear in mind that’s 2 general anaesthetics your body has been put through). So don’t worry if the tiredness and soreness persists because it will go. I had my 5 days of radiotherapy last week so currently recovering from that. I have only been on Letrozole for a week, that seems okay so far. Look after yourself, all the best xx