2nd lumpectomy

Hi all

I am back again looking for support and positivity!

I had my second lumpectomy last Friday to clear margins and back to the waiting for results. I am lucky that only have to wait until next Wednesday.

However I am already struggling. I think this is the first time during my journey that I feel negativity is creeping in. I can’t help but worry about being told the margins are still not clear and what that could mean. Would they go for a third try or would it move straight to a mastectomy. Either of the options would effect me emotionally, the latter more so. 
I want to move forward with my treatment but this latest op has made me feel like a backwards step. Surely the odds are better to get clear margins at a second attempt but when I spoke to my surgeon he again said it was 1 in 5. 
Has anyone else been through this that can share their experience and pick me up a little! 
Cookie x

Hi Cookie , sorry you are having to go through this merry go round again . I know people who’ve had 3 ops to get clear margins and I knows it’s emotionally and physically gruelling . I think it depends on the size of your breasts and maybe the position whether they will try again . Fingers crossed this op is the last :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Hi cookie 

I had to have a second lumpectomy and was convinced I’d need a third. My first showed invasive cells and so my second was also sentinel lymph nodes and I had three margins that were not clear. 
I was far more terrified waiting for the second op results than the third. But mine were all clear. I hope yours are too xx