2nd MRI scan in a week....what does it mean.....


I posted earlier about being scared to have my breast MRI but had it successfully last Friday. I’ve just had a call saying the radiologists need me to go again this Friday to have the contrast injection bit again. Apparently ‘they couldn’t see it clearly enough’. I’m really worried about this as. It could mean that they can see something and just want to check it again.

Has anyone else ever had to go back for a 2nd MRI???

Many thanks for all your replies.


Oh Grace ,poor you!Just when you were so proud of yourself managing the scan you hav to go through it again.
I’m afraid breast MRI is not my area of expertise.But when I had both of my MRIs and they found something,each time they asked me back for ultrasound not another MRI so maybe thats some comfort.I think they usually like to confirm things using another method of imaging.Theres not a lot of point just doing the same thing again.
I cannot really understand why they would repeat the contrast bit UNLESS you moved very slightly or the contrast did not go in properly or the whole area was not covered sufficiently.
Fingers crossed its nothing sinister but remember if it is ,then its better its found!
Good luck for Friday and hope you manage the scan again.
Come back and tell us how it goes.
Love n hugs

Oh Dot! you’ve been such a star replying to my posts. And i haven’t even asked you about your own situation. I was just saying to my daughter that they normally follow up with ultrasound when they find something so it could be that the contrast didn’t show up enough. They did say at the time that I had kept perfectly still so maybe there was not enough contrast… awful these ifs buts and maybes and I will be soooo stressed for another week now! Still it could all be worth it.

I hope you are in a ‘calm’ period yourself at the moment as these peaks and troughs really get you dont they?

love Grace


Yes I have to have another mri. I was told the images weren’t clear enough. Try not to worry too much, I also had to have 2 ct scans for the same reason. Neither was clear so had to have mri,which turned out fine. It’s always going to be mri for me as I’m iodine sensitive.
and I had to have another contrast dye.
So next week I’m off to Brighton for another mri. I think its only natural to worry but I’m going to accept what they say until I’m told differently.
Hope all goes well for you,

thanks so much Kathy. I will try hard to calm down. good luck to you and let us know how you are.

Grace x

Well,I had my 2nd MRI on Friday and I managed it with no sedation and no husband!!! I just kept my eyes closed from start to finish. I had to have the whole thing again BUT when I arrived at the hosp they said machine wasn’t working properly. I was sent to a nearby private hospital which was fine. The technician told me several people had been sent over to them as there was a fault with the software at the NHS one. So, after all my panicking it appears it was the equipment to blame!

I am hoping to get my results Monday, fingers crossed.


Just to let all you kind ladies who replied that my MRI result was FINE!!!

Feeling much relief and happy to have conquered the MRI fears, which is good because I expect I will have to have another one next year!

Good luck to everyone else waiting for scan results.


Great news Grace,and I am so impressed that you managed the second scan.
You can relax now and celebrate the good news.
I am so pleased for you

So pleased everything is fine.

I had my mri today. It wasn’t bad news, they needed to get images further into my pelvis. I guess every little thing our minds will be in overdrive.

Good luck Kathy

Hi Everyone on here.
Glad you managed to get through yur MRI Grace and even got through the second one too. Wouldn’t it have been good though if you had been informed that there was a problem with the machine and you may have worried less. But hey ho, its all over and the results are fantastic. By posting your worries and showing you manged to cope through the scans may help others who are going through this too.
Hi Kathy, Glad your scan is over too. Do yu need to go back for results at a later date or have they told you they are ok today?
Hiya Dotchas, I keep reading your replies to everyone on the threads and haven’t managed to find out how you are doing just now!! But hope to see you soon are our next get-to-gether. Hope all is well and you are bury with your Christmas Card industry!!!. Love Val XX

Hi folks
I just got a letter saying I have to go for an MRI scan on 16th Dec. No-one had told me that this was being planned, so I don’t know what it is for.

I have had a CT scan and Bone scan (both clear) and a heart scan for pre-Herceptin (awaiting results), but am wondering if an MRI scan is routine?

Can you shed any light?
Flora xxx

Hi Flora, I have certainly had MRI scans after bone scans and CT Scans but usually I have been told by my Oncologist why she wants me to have one. Could you perhaps phone the BC Nurse and ask if she could find out for you. I do know that all the scans show up different things. I have just had a CT Scan and get the results next Friday. I have had Bone scans and MRI scans done already this year. Perhaps it is to do with the starting of Herceptin and they want to have it on record before they start your treatment so that they can monitor you. Perhaps someone who has been on Herceptin could help? Hope all goes well anyway. Love Val X

Thanks Val.
I am due to see the oncologist on Tuesday so I will ask about it then, but was wondering if anyone here could give me some clues beforehand(I am impatient!!! lol).

I guess I am worried that something has come up in my blood results (strong neuts, don’t know about the rest) that make them want to check further, but I suppose it could just be a baseline or to help make a decision on radiotherapy treatment.

I have had two chemo sessions so far (3rd due next friday) and only met the ‘proper’ oncologist just before the 2nd and he appeared surprised when he looked at my pathology (fairly aggressive), so it is possible he is asking for further information to review all of the treatments that his locum and registrar had planned for me in his initial absence.