2nd op over

Hi Everyone

Sorry I can’t seem to find the posts which everyone put messages on the forum for me on the 8th. Well had 2nd op  for margins yesterday, it was a long day, fasting from eating  & drinking (midnight & 6.30am) and I didn’t go down to theatre until gone 4pm, so was absolutely hungry & thoroughly pissed, they could hear from tummy noises. Told them I could eat a good plate of Fish & Chips. Surgery seem to go well,slight discomfort this time, finally got home at 9pm last night so keeping my fingers crossed that I can move on to the next stage. On the humour side, I still need to get off the trolley quite quick for the usual wee Mairanne, couldn’t cross my legs any longer, so perhaps I need some of them old fashion sugar bags (pantie lou’s with the elastic around the bottom) which some us worn in our younger days.

Hospital & staff were fantastic again, the NHS trust  want to down grade and make patients travel even more. We need to keep our hospitals more local to make life easier for patients & families at these crucial times. Had my MOAN!


Love to all the lovely ladies that have been supporting me.



Moan away, Peggy. We all need this space to do that! Very pleased that you have got it over with, even if it could have been a  much better experience. Onwards and upwards, girl! X

Hi Peggy, hope you’re feeling ok today and not too sore. The fasting is one of the worst bits! The sandwich I had after my op tasted wonderful!

Love Marianne xx