2nd surgery tomorrow

Had first surgery on 8th June . Apparently lump bigger than expected which meant margin one side not big enough also lymph node reading came back as a trace so going back into hospital tomorrow to have margin widen and more nodes removed. Has anyone else had this ?

Hi, i also got my results from my lumpectomy yesterday, i’ve also got to go back for lymph node dissection and a shave as they call it to get a clearer margin, 2 out of 2 nodes they removed contains cancer cells, i’m having my op on the 13th july after pushing for it, they wanted me to have chemo 1st in case i had to wait for surgery, good luck with your surgery, been warned its a lot worse than snb xx

Hi wendloui
Surgery done this morning and they were right hurts way more than first op . Drain is in but hopefully not for long. I get my next set of results on 11th July I should be a pro by the time u have your op so any questions you have more than happy to answer them if I can. Good luck with your op x