2nd surgery

Finish my Chemo back in March.  After speaking with surgeon i was informed the chemo had done a really good job and shrunk tumour.  I then had a lumpectomy with aux lymph node removal.

On follow up with surgeon he was really pleased.  The tumour taken away with clear margins however pathology could not give clear result on lymph node which showed some scarring.  Doctor informed me that he was pretty confident that the scarring was from my initial biopsy back at the start but could not say for sure.

He said i had 2 options.  The first was to do nothing and proceed to radio therapy which i was aware i would have to have anyway, but they would also give this to my shoulder and arm area as well as the original breast area.  He did say though that this may cause scarring to my lung.

Or they could go in and remove another lymph node for testing.  If this shows no scarring then i would not have to have the additional radio therapy.  I chose this option as i think i would have always wondered if not.  So 2nd surgery booked for this Friday, just now wondering if I’ve made the right decision?

Dear Jojo1447

It’s very good to hear that the chemo has shrunk the tumour.

Regarding your note on your decision, I wonder if chatting to our nursing team may reassure you and provide you with peace of mind. You can reach our breast care team on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm), or you can post in the Ask Our Nurses board here, where a nurse will reply.

Sending our warmest wishes your way