3 days to go!

I was called back for second mammogram after 3yr check. I’ve had a little lump for few months, thought it was a cyst as I’d had one few years ago. Then told I needed a biopsy and, before radiographer started, the Doctor said ‘It’s not a cyst’. I’m shocked. He told me I have a small breast cancer, minimal chance biopsy result will prove him wrong. I have to go back this Thursday for the result. What are the chances he is wrong? Sorry to fuss as, if it’s cancer, he said ‘small’ and I know there are lots of ladies much worse off. Thoughts please.

oh sheila thats horrible would be interested in your surgeon sounds as blunt as mine , they asually have a good feeling but then they can always get it wrong sometimes maybe prepare if you can that he is right and if hes not then yippeee!i hope he is proved wrong take care x

Hi Sheila that is terrible so sorry your going through this, try to focus on what he said it is ‘small’ I remember when I was called back for my biopsy & the consultant who did the scan & biopsy prepared me well I thought, he said I think you understand what you ‘might’ be facing on the good side if it is cancer it is tiny & so treatable … his words wrang in my ears even after I got my results right up until surgery I hung on those words … so far he has been right

It could still be a cyst I think they have prepared you for the worse then anything better will be a bonus

lots of luck keep us posted
Mekala x


realy feel for you having to get through the next three days. The waiting is the hardest time wether or not the surgeon has already said what he thinks it is.

There is a lady on here that works in a BC unit and she has said that there have been core biopsy results come back that amaze everyone. But you can hold onto the fact that this is a little bump. You have had it for a few months and I am sure if it was growing quickly you would have noticed, so even if the results come back that it is a small cancer it should be quick and easy to get it out with very little extra treatment.

Any way all the best, fingers crossed, and if you need to worry anymore, do come back on here to chat about it

hi sheila… sorry to hear your left so worried. i think its the not knowing for sure thats worse… i think your surgeon has tried his best to prepare you for what your results may be… but on a more possitive note … he said its small… my surgeon did a similar thing, but she called it cell changes… so when i went back for my results i has a really good idea of what to expect…she never mentioned the C word untill i asked if it was… fingers and toes crossed for you xx

Thank you all for your support. That was one of the longest ‘waits’ I’ve experienced. Well,doctor was right,have seen surgeon now and lumpectomy(left boob)is scheduled for 12th Aug. Will also take couple of lymph nodes to check the cancer is not there. Will have radiotherapy after surgery,thankfully not chemo, followed by 5 yrs meds.

Up to last night I felt ok, more scared of general anesthetic then a large lump in right armpit appeared last night. Could this just be a gland thing, surely not another lump developed virtually overnight?! Maybe it’s psychosomatic. If this lump doesn’t go down, I’ll be a wreck.
Thanks again and hugs to you all.
Hope I’ve posted this in right place.

hi sheila , like you i had small 6mm tumour and only needed wide local exision -wle and node removal - snb, the letters following the words will help you understand meaning of , am nearly half way through my radiotherapy - rads and its been tiring at times but so doable , i count myself so lucky not to have spread and chemo , any swelling should be investigated and i would urge you to call your breast cancer nurse asap , it may be something it may be nothing but you will drive yourself mad worrying till you know , keep posting and let us know how you get on xxx

hi, yes your right, sounds like your lump is glands, but do ring your breast nurse and get it checked, could be an infection, or just your glands reacting. But she wont mind having a quick look.

My lump came out of few weeks ago, no problems with anasthetic or healing. Like you i am scheduled for rads and 5 years tamoxifan. So we are the realtively lucky ones

Glad that you are feeling ok about things, and thanks for keeping us up to date