3 Month Check up

3 Month Check up

3 Month Check up Feeling a bit down at the moment, got my 3 monthly check up at the hospital next week and things are playing on my mind. I know that if something was to be found better to get on to it now, but knowing that doesn’t make your mind any easier. My question is how does everyone else cope at this time, do we all just grin and bear it and get on with it or is there some magic potion we can take that would make the worry any easier.

Sorry just a bit low at the moment, I know my worries are small compared to some of you out there, but it is a relief to be able to voice them to people who know what its like not someone who just utters the dreaded words “I understand what your going through”, yeah right, just makes me want to scratch their eyes out.

Anyway enough misery from me, keep well everyone


Hi there Kiwi Girl - i’m an Aussie - so we are practically related…

I’m about to head off for my ct scan with results next week.

I don’t have a magic formula for dealing with the anxious waiting time - my last lot of scans in January I was a mess. Only found out yesterday I had a ct scan today - and last night the sleepless nights began.

I work full time so being busy at work helps. But its the nighttime I find the hardest - especially living alone.

I’ve discussed this with my oncologist who recommended anti-depressants - which I thought was a bit extreme - but might give it a go - as it is an awful time.

Good luck with the scans - let us know how you get on.


Scans and stuff Snap! I just checked last night as thought scan was today - it should have been yesterday! However, they are fitting me in this evening. I am really glad as the scan zone is not a good place to be and a few more weeks worrying about it would have done me (or my long-suffering family) any good. I have been in a state about it anyway and tossed and turned last night thinking about it.

Kiwi Girl,

Waiting for scans/results is one of the worst things we have to deal with and the anxiety never really gets any less. Just come on line and say ‘help’ and we can all rally round for you… I too find keeping busy one of the best ways to take your mind off things.

Good luck with your check up and good luck with your scan Moira, will be thinking of you when they say ‘breathe in, breathe normally…’


Thanks Thanks ladies, it really doesn’t get any easier. For me the anxiety starts when I go for my blood test before the check up (hate those needles), then continues till the check up.

Had a good day today daughter took me out to the local casino and had a nice win on the pokies which we decided in fairness to split between us. was a nice treat.

thanks again ladies, hope all goes well for you will let you know how i get on next week as my appointment is Wednesday (my time).


you and me both Hi Kiwigirl
I have my CT scan next Wednesday too so we will both be going through it. I have had a few CT scans now but it doesn’t get any better. My way of coping is to plan things to do before and after the scan and to ensure that I get an appointment booked for the first possible clinic to get the results. I usually ring the oncologist’s secretary the day before the clinic just to remind them that I am coming in for my results - so that the secretary can chase up any paperwork (she is very good) I couldn’t bear it if I got there and they asked me to wait around while they rang around looking for my results.

I find waiting for the results the hardest bit of all and I am a nervous wreck while waiting in the clinic waiting room (all your hopes and fears sitting in a file just the other side of a door!)

All the best to you for Wednesday 18th - I will look out for your test results and will let you know how I get on too.