3 months on and *now* I get nerve pains

OK so I’m sure this is nothing but I’ve been doing a bit of DIY in the last couple of days, ie reaching with a paintbrush and suddenly the scars around my mastectomies are feeling tender and I’m getting nerve twinges again.

I’m thinking it related to me just doing too much too soon, as even my OH who’s really fit and hasn’t had any surgery lately has aching arms. My arms are now feeling heavy and tired.

I’m just being paranoid right? This isn’t anything to worry about is it?

I’m now stopping and taking it easy.


Oh dear - I think you might have overdone it a little bit. I had my WLE at the end of Jan and have just finished 29 rads so I am being careful with my right arm … I have worked throughtout (went back 14 days after surgery) but this week I had to get them to swivel my desk round cos all my files were at my right and constantly reaching up and out with my right arm was starting to create a problem.

Try to ease up on the DIY and see if it settles down.

That’s the plan I think… that and a warm bath.

Hope you’re having lovely weather where you are and not doing anything involving filling.

Hi Angie,

As lilacblushes says it sounds like you have overdone things. Even 8 years on from my 2nd mastectomy I still find I cannot do repetitive stuff or a lot of the reaching up type of things without feeling as if something has pulled away. It lasts a few days too - so I have had to learn what not to do.


Hi angie

I had my operation Nov 26th 07 and then took it easy excpet for the exercises

then my brother visited for Christmas with a 2 year old and 4 year old

obviously arm movements were far less controlled and I could feel things pulling left right and centre …but guess what ??? … arm 95% normal now … (quite numb in armpit)… think that was the best thing that could have happend to me …

I’m not saying that it’s good to overdo it but sometimes I do believe in “use it or lose it” …

very confusing isn’t it ? hard to kow which way to go …

good luck and hope you feel better soon
love FizBix xxx

Hi Angie,
I have had 2 ops WLC and further margins and full AC had lots of nerve pain etc in my arm, side and back, consultant reccommended Amyltriptaline (? spelling)
anyway its an anti depressant ( I am not depressed although sometimes I think I should be!!) but it helps nerve pain, got quite alot of side effects so I spoke to my registered homeopath ( very experienced) who rec Arnica, and Hypericulum ( herbal remedy for nerve pain )and I only took for about 5 days and noticed a difference. I have information on herbal remedys that are ok to use which was from seminar run linked to this site, so I will check it out and get back to you. I not on tamoxifen so not sure how they are with that but worked well for me. Also breast nurse suggested voltarol or ibruleve gel rubbed in seems to help too.
Try take it easy, so hard not to do things cos you forget dont you,
Hope it feels better soon

Hi Angie
Had WLE in Sept 07 and have suffered from nerve pain in the breast, quite badly in the beginning but improving gradually. I do notice it more after hoovering or ironing, I think it’s the repetitive movement. It took me some time to put 2 & 2 together and realise the connection because I feel fit enough to do everything. Just have to realise the body has taken a bashing and it will still protest sometimes.
Wishing you all well.
Caz x