3 weeks after surgery question.....

Evening all

So I’m 3 weeks post surgery now (lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy). Had my two week check last week and I have my first radiotherapy outpatient appointment next Tuesday.

I was very lucky to have been diagnosed so early and have been given the ‘all clear’ as no lymph involvement and a clear margin.

I had a bone scan today as I’ve been prescribed Letrozole which can cause osteoporosis.

So my question tonight is about the post surgery scar tissue. It’s all healing very nicely and the swelling has pretty much all disappeared. I had dissolvable stitches which I think take a few weeks to dissolve? I have such a hard area behind my the scar - it feels like someone put a pebble in there during my surgery - does anyone know if this will eventually disappear?

Thank you!

Hello Anitajane, I had 2xwle and immediately had an extremely hard golfball sized lump after surgery. I didn’t need chemo, but every time I saw BCN I asked why it was so uncomfortable - told it was just scar tissue and would disappear & to be patient. Coming up to my 1st year mammo, I still had this painful solid lump & saw BCN who said ‘oh that will be painful’ and discharged me to Patient Initiated FOllow up. When I consulted them, they quickly arranged an ultrasound, found it was a seroma and it was drained (only about 15ml, so pretty small, but lump felt enormous!). Did have a very painful mammo, but now had 2nd year mammo which was painfree.  I always thought a seroma should be squishy, but mine wasn’t and why the BCN didn’t recognise it for what it was defeats me.  This is a very long winded way of saying - contact your unit/BCN and get it checked out. I had put up with a really uncomfortable, fairly painful boob for a year, which I think was totally unneccessary. Although I still have a tiny area which is very hard, which seems to have moved round to the side, it is painless and not uncomfortable and I think that really is scar tissue! Do hope you get sorted soon. :cathappy:xxx

I had this but it’s gone now 10 months after surgery so mine must have been scar tissue. X