3 years after mastectomy fairly large rash forms -

Hi, im new here. I had breast cancer 3 years ago and a mastectomy with radiation and chemotherapy. Now a red rash has formed over the chest area. Im scheduled for a biopsy, there is no lump but a red rash. If it is cancer I dont want to take any of the strong chemotherapies. I would do herceptin and the newer drug thats not as toxic. I would do radiation and more surgery if offerred.

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I finished radiotherapy 2 years ago after a WLE and chemo. I noticed a rash recently and convinced myself it was skin mets. It is a flat red rash and fairly extensive. I had a biopsy and it seems that it is damage to small blood vessels caused by the radiotherapy. Apparently this can happen months or years later. I hope that you find that your rash is also nothing to be worried about and that you are not having to wait too long for your biopsy.
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I am nearly 4 yrs mast and have what looks like red rash on my chest wall quite high where the the top little tattoo mark is. Its still spreading now and also along my mast/recon scar line (chest skin not stomach).

My Once and PS have both advised its rads damage, if you press on it and it dissappears then it may be the same as mine and broken veins.

My PS is looking into if my local HA will allow laser treatment as my recon is fantastic but this red area is spoiling the effect.


hi nightingales i am very intreasted in your rash as i had mx 6 wks ago and thurs i have a red rash above scar itch a bit gtg wed to see surgeon i have had a seroma plus cording so dont know if just a infection i hope so how are you doing have you got any more results

Hi everyone

I’m new to this too. Just wanted to say that last summer, almost three years after my course of radiotherapy, I developed a rash in the place of the worst ‘burns’ from the treatment - red, very itchy, very sore. I was given steroid cream by my doctor who is brilliant, but ever since I have been chasing this rash around my body. Most recently it is now on the shins of my legs! It burns and itches and is soooo painful. Can this all be because of the radiotherapy? And what else can I do to alleviate it? It’s agony - especially in the hotter nights. If anyone knows anything, I’d be so grateful to hear from you. Thanks for ‘listening’.

I have had that itchy rash on my shins for years and my mum gets it too - so I don’t think it is rads related. It comes up in the summer or if I wear thick socks and boots in the winter - it is definitely heat related. I find very few creams work on it - not even eczema creams. Drives me mad at night! I know this sounds odd but it seems to be worse if I have showers rather than baths! Keeping it well moisturised seems to help a bit too. I shove a load of aqueous cream on it. Sometimes I will wrap cold wet cloths around them.

My onc told me to expect to develop that rash as the years go by. He said that all of the tiny capillaries break and spread. It can take years to develop. I am 18 months on from rads and no sign yet.

The cream I had from my GP ‘Trimovate’ took weeks and weeks to work (about 10), but since clearing up the rash where the rad burns were, it hasn’t returned (since Christmas time). So I will go back to using this on my legs (it is now going around the back of my legs too) and persevere for a few weeks and report progress. I was never warned of anything like this - luckily my GP is pretty well clued up and made the connection - before that I was given cream for excema! I’m a bit concerned about using this cream and getting my legs out in the sun - so will have to do a bit of research on it. Wish me luck!

Hi, I,m new to this site, but would like to say about my chest rash. Last year, June to be precise, I was put on Capeciterbine? due to a rash that appeared on my chest and back, this was very painfull and itchy, (Oncologist said Cancer had come back) this drug made me very ill, I was admitted to hospital after my first treatment, where I stayed for a month!on drips, lines etc: Glad to say that with wonderful care I fully recovered, dispite losing a lot of weight. However, a year down the line and after on going Herceptin, my rash has come back, also a few raised nodules, dont know what to think or do at present!!! Oncologist says more Chemo, But I am so scared after last time, August 2nd is D Day for me, as this is my 4th time round the block, hope no one else has my symptoms. Wish me luck. Ann X

Good luck ann :slight_smile: I too have suffered the skin mets ordeal. I do hope the treatment i effective and gets the rash under control. Have you had any scans? Best of luck

Hi Gingerbud, nice of you to reply, how did you get on with the rash, Ive now got pain in my groin which hurts like hell when I walk!! also left breast pains and a huge swelling, Onc will most likely send me for scans, Thank God rash hasn’t spread much, I feel Ok, Just very worried, but will find out on Tuesday. Thanks for caring. Ann x