30 and found a lump

So about 8 weeks ago i found a pea sized lump deep in my right armpit while checking i left it 2 weeks then mum had a go at me to get checked by doctor so rang them and they gave me an appointment for 2 weeks time i went they felt it and said most probly swollen gland maybe have an infection anyway they checked me over and found a small patch on neck and said fungal infection gave me steroid cream and sent me on my way told me the lunp wasnt a problem as it moves and to come back if becomes sore or stops moving fast forward 4 weeks and lump still there neck all clear and lump has become slightly tender rang the doctors back this morning and they have given me appointment with the nurse for 2 days time im so worried as recently lost to uncles to lymphoma but feel doctors are using that as me being over causious and feel im not taken seriously. Has anyone else had this type of lump and what was the outcome? This appointment im determined to get something done with 2 kids under two its to bigger risk to take. Sorry long post xx

Have you got a hospital referral via your GP?  I don’t know if age has anything to do with how quickly you might get a clinic appointment  -  maybe it would be worth you actually ringing the BCC Careline and speaking to someone who can point you in the right direction?  Of course you are worried, and you need some help, not to be chivvied away. Wishing you the best.



I would insist on an urgent referral to the breast clinic, not because I believe that you have bc but you need peace of mind and they deal with many breast conditions which are not bc. They are the experts and will be able to check things out, it could possibly be a cyst which they can drain in the clinic.



Hi Colly, 


I’m the same age and currently waiting for my 2-week referral letter for inflammatory breast cancer type symptoms. 


Be really assertive with the doctor and insist on a 2 week referral to a breast clinic as they do see benign non-cancerous conditions at breast clinics too. 


I hope they refer you soon!