31, sick with nerves

I’m 31 and recently found a hard, immovable, painless lump on my left breast. After seeing my GP I went to the breast clinic 2 weeks later. The consultant initially was very dismissive and had a horrendous bedside manner. She told me it was probably a cyst due to my age but sent me for an ultrasound. I could tell by how quiet and thorough the other doctor was during the ultrasound that all did not look well. She said the lump I had discovered looked “irregular”, and also found a smaller lump that she thought might be a fibroadenoma but wasn’t sure. She told me that unfortunately she could not tell me that the lumps were benign, then sent me for a mammogram. The mammogram didn’t seem to show much and I was told my breast tissue was too dense to really see anything. I then had core needle biopsies of both lumps and was very upset and worried by this point. The consultant barely spent 30 seconds with me before I left the clinic, asking if I had been told why I needed a biopsy. I said that the other doctor thought the lump was irregular, and the consultant just said that’s right and said they’d be in touch with results. She left me sat in the consulting room without even saying goodbye, then I went home upset and alone as my partner was away for a few days. I feel like I was provided with very little indication of what might be wrong, and I was too shocked to ask any questions as I’d expected the ultrasound to show that all was well. I now have a lot of unanswered questions and a long wait for answers, but have an overwhelming feeling that the doctor who performed the ultrasound and biopsy was very concerned. I’m so annoyed at myself for not asking questions… Is there anything I can do now apart from wait for 10 days??



Oh I am so sorry that you have had such a bad experience at the clinic


I dont know how long ago it was that you were at the clinic, but if I were you I would give them a call tomorrow and ask to speak to someone about when you will get your results and an appointment date.


Let us know how you get on and if there is anything else we might be able to help with, even if it is just having someone to talk to, there is always someone on here.


Sending you hugs


helena xxx

What an awful experience for you, thankfully not the norm and totally unacceptable. I’m not surprised you are feeling shocked and upset!

At the very least you need to know when your results will be back, you should have left the clinic with an appointment date ,it’s usually a week later. 

I suggest you write down tonight the things you want to ask and call the clinic in the morning, I know it’s stressful when you are feeling in a state of shock but you have the right to be treated properly and have an explanation as to what will happen next and when. A bit of clarity will help your state of mind no end! 


Its frustrates me to hear of anyone being treated like this at the breast clinics, it’s frightening enough without any added stress, and to dismiss anything more serious due to your age is dangerous, ladies your age and younger do get breast cancer that’s a fact that they should be well aware of! 


Im truly hoping you get some answers tomorrow Xx Jo 

Thanks for your responses. I phoned the clinic this morning and told the receptionist about my concerns, but I was only told that I would get my results by either phone, new appointment or letter within 2-3 weeks (on Friday they said it would be within 10 days). The lack of clarity over the process doesn’t help with the worry, and I wish they’d told me more about why I needed a biopsy and what their concerns are. I’m a scientisit myself (although not in the medical profession) and always want to know details and see evidence, which probably makes me a bad patient!! 

Hi Ice,
It certainly is frustrating when professionals don’t communicate properly.
Biopsies are usually done to confirm what it is, if it’s not clear what it is following ultrasound/mammo. It doesn’t mean it is bc, but to discharge you, they have to be absolutely certain, so it is right it was done.
They may not necessarily say what the concern is at this stage, as it’s not possible to be clear about it until the results come back.
Inevitably, going through this is worrying, we’ve all been there, but it seems you’ve done all you can for now.
ann x

I’ve just heard that I have an appointment to get my biopsy results early next week (I’m currently abroad which is massively frustrating). The receptionist told me a while back when I phoned to ask how I would get the results that they can come via letter or appointment… I really hope being called in doesn’t mean bad news :frowning:

Good luck for your appointment Ice,
I’m back on Thursday for my results. I have already been told to expect the worst. I am still hoping for the best x

Got the results back this morning… grade 1 or 2 invasive ductal cancer :mansad:


I had prepared myself for the worse just in case, and very glad I did now. The consultant said the team were all very surprised by the result given my age and otherwise very good health; they were convinced it would be a fibroadenoma. Surgey in 2 weeks followed by radiotherapy then we’ll have to see what other treatment might be needed. Time to get the boxing gloves on!


I’ll keep my fingers crossed for better news for you Julesy! xx

Hi Ice,
Sorry to hear you got diagnosed after all, but although it doesn’t feel like it, thankfully it can now be sorted out.
If you want to, do look at the other sections of the forum where you will be able to chat & get support from others going through similar.
ann x