31 weeks pregnant and newly diagnosed at 33 years old.

Hi everyone,


I received a diagnosis of invasive ductal carcinoma in my right breast last week. I am 33 and currently 32 weeks pregnant with my second child. I discovered the lump while on holiday in February and hoped it may be a milk cyst or something benign related to pregnancy. After a few weeks of ignoring it, I decided to have it checked out by my GP and was referred to the Breast unit within a few weeks. Following an ultrasound and biopsy, the results came back as 1.8cm lump grade 2. My mom was diagnosed with Grade 3 breast cancer a few years ago at 57yrs old and following treatment and a mastectomy, she is doing well. 


It seems my case is more complex at the moment considering I am pregnant. My consultant wants to do a lumpectomy with sentinel node biopsy within a few weeks, followed by radiation after I give birth, however she’s having some resistance from other members of the MDT team who think I should be induced at 36 weeks and have the surgery after. I am more in agreement with my consultant, as I will like to ensure my baby has as long as possible to develop. My pregnancy has been low risk and midwife-led thus far, I am seeing an obstetrician this week who will give her advice to the consultant on whether to induce or have surgery first. 


I am trying to remain as positive as I can but it’s tough not to worry about everything. I am praying for the best decision to be made for the health of my baby and myself. 

Hi Wandestrong,
So sorry you have to join us & that the diagnosis comes at such a time, what a shock.
Obviously, you will make the decision best for both of you & of course you are going to worry, but there’s every reason to be positive. Glad to hear you mom is doing well.
There is plenty of support here for you, including others who have been in your position. Do look at the other threads, including younger women & families & going through treatment, as well as the main site for info & support.
ann x



Wow you have got a lot to consider!


So as I understand it the surgeon wants to take the lump out soon and leave the baby alone for what could be another 9 weeks. Another opinion says to induce the baby in 5 weeks and then go ahead with your treatment.


I suppose if it was me I  would be asking about the effect of the anaesthetic on the baby if I was having surgery to the breast before delivery. Usually of course heavily pregnant women get the anaesthesia because they are having a c-section and lots of them these days get an epidural. I think you need a consultant anaesthetist in on this one as well. They may be able to make you drowsy and pain free without a general anaesthetic but it would depend upon how long your breast surgery is likely to take. When you have a c- section the baby is out within a short space of time.


So I would want to know if they could do the surgery soon without harming the baby and if they are confident that they can I would go for that option. That way you are treated sooner and can carry on with the recovery while still pregnant. Recovering with a newborn would be difficult because both of you need looking after and you will be sore and not very mobile for a few days.


Please let us know how you get on xxx



I just wanted to send you a hug xxx

Dear Wandestrong, I am thinking of you so much. Such a lot to take in. Good news about your mum though.  I can’t advise, but am sure your medical people will do the best thing for both of you, and best of luck.

Thanks everyone for the supportive messages .

I had an appointment with the antenatal consultant yesterday and it was reassuring to see that baby is doing so well and growing happily. She was happy to recommend I have the surgery whilst still pregnant so I can recover prior to delivery. I feel so much better knowing that all the different specialities are involved in making the best decision for me and baby. I have my next appointment with the breast consultant tomorrow so will hopefully get a definate outcome and hopefully surgery date too. 


Will keep you updated.


Positive thoughts and blessings x

thinking of you…

I’m a brand newbie here so hope I don’t get anything wrong. Wandestrong have you heard of mummy’s star? They are a charity specifically for ladies who are pregnant and get diagnosed with cancer. I can’t say strongly enough that you should check them out. Really hope everything goes well for you and baby x

Welcome to the forum Finny ,great information .

Surgery booked in for Thursday 23rd (i’ll be 34 weeks). I’m having a wide local excision (lumpectomy) and sentinal node biopsy. I have to have a radio isotope injection first (can’t have blue dye when pregnant, i’ve been told), so just praying all goes to plan and harnessing postive thoughts for the surgery and the results. 


Thanks ladies for all the support x

I’ll be thinking of you on 23rd - I have my clinic appointment in the afternoon that day. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way xxx

Hiyer Wanderstrong,

Great to hear from you, I was wondering how you were getting on. Don’t worry about the lumps and bumps, like Ann, a year later mine are still there around the surgery site. Wishing for the very best results for you x

That’s really good to hear Wande. Really hope all continues to go well (as well as can be when dealing with cancer I mean) xxx

That’s great news Wandestrong and like everyone says that’s a normal feeling. All the best for the baby’s arrival (PS i’m a midwife and have looked after a couple of women who have given birth after BC) - you will be looked after x



So I had my post-surgery results appointment yesterday and feeling mixed about it all. 


The good news is that the margins were clear and sentinal nodes were clear too, so they are 94% sure the cancer didn’t spread. After the initial biopsy, I was told it was a Grade2 2cm lump, however following the surgery, this was confirmed as a Grade 3 2.5cm. I really wasn’t expecting a change from Grade 2 to 3. This now means I will need Chemo followed by Radiation. I had prepared my mind for the possibility of Chemo, but thought it might be unlikely. However the consultant said due to my young age and grade, Chemo would be most likely recommended. The other news I received was that the initial biopsy had tested positive for HER2 (the surgery sample is now being tested again just to be sure), so I would also need Herceptin following Chemo then followed by tamoxifen as it was also ER+. So while i’m pleased that the surgery was a success and I am now cancer free, I’m trying to wrap my head around the length of the treatments to follow, while also caring for a newborn baby and mourning my ability to breastfeed, due to Chemo treatment. I have an appointment with the oncologist in a couple of weeks to discuss the next stage of treatment.


I’m fortunate to have a supportive family, who will help me as much as they can, so trying to remain positive and concentrate on delivering a healthy baby girl in the next month. I’ll work through the rest as it comes.


All the best to us all,


Wande x 

Ah big hugs Wande - must be bit hard to take it all in. Good news that they got it all but I’m sure it must be a shock to need chemo and radiotherapy etc. Really hope and pray that things go very well for you and that you can look forward to the birth of your daughter with excitement. Take care nd thanks for the update. Xxx

hi Wande,
Well it’s certainly very positive that it all appears contained.
I would have thought you might be able to breastfeed initially, but obviously, this will depend on when chemo starts.
At least the treatment plan is now in place so that you can all move on & look forward to meeting your little girl.
ann x


still here waiting for little one to arrive, now 38 weeks along so hopefully shouldn’t be too much more of a wait.  I had some unexpected news after preparing for over a year of treatments to come. Following the surgery, the sample was retested for HER2 and test came back negative, so no longer need the year of herceptin treatment. Chemo is still a possibility, but having an Oncotype test to determine if this will be necessary. I had a first appointment with oncologist yesterday, but now a waiting game until baby comes to prepare for next step. 


Sending positive thoughts to everyone. 


Wande x

That I am, Charys! We had a beautiful baby girl on May 1st, it was such a quick delivery. I am now recovering post-delivery with renewed invigoration to tackle the treatments ahead. My next appointment with the oncologist is on 15th, so will hopefully get the results of the Oncotype and start date of next treatment! Hope everyone is feeling well, positive thoughts to you all x

Congratulations, Wande, lovely news about your little girl & very best wishes for the 15th, to get it dealt with.
ann x