31 years old with secondaries in lungs, liver and bones


I’m posting this message for my sister, also posted it in “younger women”. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in July and told a week later it had spread. She is 31yrs old and has secondaries in her lungs, liver and bones. She is desperate to talk to someone of a similar age, going through the same as she is.



Hi Shiona

I am sorry to read of your sister’s recent diagnosis. Breast Cancer Care provide many different ways of supporting women with secondary breast cancer, if you would like more details please go to the following page:-


I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards
Sam (BCC Facilitator)

How sorry I am for your sisters devastating news. I hope that you and she can join in with the ladies on here and gain information and support. Please also contact the BCC helpline and you are already doing the best thing and that is supporting your sister.

There are also ladies that will say prayers - look for the thread.

Its so shocking that she is so young to have this happen to her. I dont have secondaries but have had mastectomy and treatment for BC.

I wish you all the very best and send hugs for you and your sister.

God bless xxxx

Hi shiona,so very sorry to hear about your sister ,i was diagnosed with secondaries in liver and lung a couple of months ago ,i had mastectomy 16yrs ago when i was in my 30s,am doing well have my 3rd chemo next thurs its a lot improved from 16yrs ago !!I`m 53 now !quite a few yrs older then your sister,but if she ever wanted to chat ,id be more than happy too ,take care luv freda xx

Hi, very sorry to hear your news. In August this year I was diagnosed with secondaries in the lung, liver, spine and hips, if I can be of any help please dont hesitate to email me. I am feeling fine just now and have responded pretty well to the treatment so hopefully your sister will do too. Its all very scary at the beginning I know.

Best wishes, Jackie X

ps I am 42, a wee bit older but I like to think I am only 30, lol…

Hi Shiona

I am the same age as your sister and was diagnosed with liver and bone mets in September of last year. I have had chemo, hormone treatment and radio frequency ablation treatment to my liver and my last scan showed no spread or active disease since my mets were first diagnosed. Please do let me know if i can help.



I’m 30 and have bone mets, if your sister ever wants a chat then I’ll happily talk to her any time :-). I got diagnosed 2 years ago and am still doing really well, life is pretty normal really!

Tish xxx

Hi Shiona

I am so sorry to hear of your secondary diagnosis. How can it be right for somebody so young to have such a cruel and devastating disease. I am 56yrs old and have not yet been diagnosed with secondary disease as yet but know one day it will hit me. I try not to visit this site too much as it always makes me depressed when leaving it. Why are more and more young women being diagnosed? Even for somebody like me who has been diagnosed with primary breast cancer it is like living with a timebomb waiting to go off. I am not one for praying I DON’T believe in god and all that, but surely after 40 years of research there should be something more possitive in the development of finding a cure for this stinking disease. sorry for the rant. love xx

Hi Shiona
Sorry to hear about your sister. A similar thing happened to me in Feb - I was diagnosed with primary cancer and then a week later secondaries in the bone, liver and lung. I’m 28 and unsurprisingly it was been a huge shock… however I’m living a normal life at the moment and things are pretty good. Let me know if I can help at all.